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Khalifat of Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)

Mowla Murtaza Ali called all the people to the MASJIDE-RASUL, and when he took a seat on the pulpit, a member from those present passed the following resolution:
We, the MAHAJARINS, ANSARS, all the SHARIFFS, ASHABIS, and ISLAM in general, do hereby confirm and pledge that we see all the great virtues of NABI-E-KARIM S.A.S. in Hazarat Ali, therefore we most sincerely accept Mowla Murtaza Ali as AMIR-UL-MOMIN (Master of the Faithful Momins). We all swear in the name of Allah that our heart, soul, and all material possessions we dedicate to our KHALIF, AMIR-UL-MOMININ MOWLA MURTAZA ALI (A.S.).

As soon as the above resolution was passed, all the Muslims became ready to take BAIYAT of Mowla Ali. But before this was done, Mowla Murtaza Ali asked them whether their wish to make BAIYAT was of their own free will. All the Muslims said, 'We feel just and privileged to take thy BAIYAT, O our KHALIF, AMIRUL MOMININ MOWLA MURTAZA ALI. We pledge our allegiance by our own free will.'

MOWLA MURTAZA ALI yet told them not to give their hasty decision, but to go and come back one day later when they would be positive.

All the Muslims, after giving sufficient thought to the above matter, assembled again at the MASJIDE-NABI the next day. Mowla Murtaza Ali also came to hear their final decision, and made the following Holy Firman:

O brothers in Islam, remember the Khalifat shall, as from today, not remain in your hands - it shall not be with you. Give your serious thought over this matter. You are still free to appoint any other person whom you choose. I am ALI-IBNE-ABITALEB; I shall always be with you, never going against you. I shall use all my power for the interest of Islam.

Upon hearing of the Holy Firman, from all the directions of the MASJID-E-NABI, there was one voice: 'We all reaffirm our decision, we do not see any better KHALIF than YA MOWLA MURTAZA ALI. O AMIR-UL-MOMIN, be kind enough to stretch your hand so that we may take your BAIYAT.'

Despite BAIYAT, How the Enemies Oppose MOWLA MURTAZA ALI

TOLAH, ZUBEIR, and BIBI AYSHA (One of the widows of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.S.) had been present at the time of BAIYAT to MOWLA MURTAZA ALI, yet they engaged in a plan to wage war against Mowla Murtaza Ali. ABDULLA BIN AMER of the BANI UMAYA gave them assurance of an army of one hundred thousand from BASRAH.

Mowla Murtaza Ali's sons Imam Hassan (A.s.) and Ammar Yaser left for KUFFA to gather an army of nine thousand. This army was joined at BASRAH by Mowla Ali's army from Medina.

Mowla Murtaza Ali said in Firman to his army:

Enemies have jealousy against me. They are treacherous. Since the prophet S.A.S. has appointed me as KHALIF Of Islam, they have been jealous. Today they oppose me after themselves agreeing to an oath of allegiance.

Kuzema Ibne Sabit prayed: 'Ya Amirul Momin, you are just and right. Despite their large numbers they will not be able to stand against thee, Ya Ali.'

But before engaging in war, Mowla Murtaza Ali wrote a letter to Tolah and Zubeir:

The day you requested me to accept Khilafat I refused it. But then because of your requests I agreed. I never compelled you to take my BAIYAT: on the contrary, it was you who were positive that I would be the right Khalif of Islam. Now, you are making a move against me! Remember your Oath of Allegiance!

And another letter to Bibi Aysha:

O Bibi Aysha, you are out to oppose me, which is against the wish of Prophet Muhammad Mustafa S.A.S. Although you say to the people you are opposing me in the welfare of Islam, remember this is an undesirable act of bringing about bloodshed amongst the Muslims. This is an act of Sin. O Bibi Aysha , have the fear of God.

When the above was conveyed to Bibi Aysha, she said, 'I do not wish to listen to Mowla Ali. I will not retreat.'

Mowla Ali then said to his true momins:

O my beloved momins, I have done my best, with all humility, to try and persuade Bibi Aysha against bloodshed. I have warned the enemies of the seriousness of the war. I have done everything possible to stop the battle.

I told them to have fear of Allah in their hearts. I do not understand why they forgot who I am. I am the ALI, the same ALI who has killed many great, powerful enemies of Islam. He same ZULFICAR is in my possession, and I have the same strength now as before.

ALHAMDULILLAH! All the doors of 'NYAMAT' are open for me - the enemies cannot now prevent their own death.

Bibi Aysha was instigating the army to fight bravely against Mowla Murtaza Ali. She ordered them to start attack, and thousands of arrows were fired. The chiefs of the army of Mowla Ali requested, 'O Amir-ul-Mominin, the enemies have started attack, our people are already injured!'

Mowla Murtaza Ali thought that there was no other way but to give order to his son Mohamed Haniff to attack the enemy. Mowla Ali also, with his mighty Zulficar, killed many Kaffirs.

Abdur Rehman Sura slaughtered the two legs of the camel Bibi Aysha was riding. Bibi Aysha cried to Mowla Ali, who was by her side, 'O Ali, I accept defeat, you have won the battle. O Ali, be kind to me.' Hazarat Ali asked the brother of Bibi Aysha, Mohamed Bin Abu Bakar to take care of her. She was taken to Basrah and later to Medina.

But Lo! In spite of all this, Bibi Aysha again changed. She began to agitate Muaviya, the governor of Syria, against Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Muaviya's Campaign against Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.).

Muaviya started to create propaganda in Syria; he told the people that Hazarat Ali wishes to grab Syria and to confiscate their property and assets. Muaviya was playing upon the sentiments of the people using the revenge of Hazarat Othman.

Muaviya wrote a letter to Umar bin Aas, a Muslim army general, for his assistance. Upon receipt of Muaviya's letter, Umar said to Muaviya that Hazarat Ali was a very respectable Khalif of Islam, 'O Muaviya, do you wish to oppose Hazarat Ali!'

'O Umar, I know what you mean, but I have no other way to degrade Hazarat Ali so that I may independently rule Syria and secure for my generations the rule.'

'O Muaviya, how dare you say that you are avenging the murder of Othman. You know it is not Hazarat Ali. In fact, you were asked by Othman for help before his murder, and had you not ignored him, Othman might still be alive.'

' O Umar, do you know the reason of not assisting Othman? The reason was to pave the way for what I wish to do now. We shall gain great power, glory, and wealth.'

' O Muaviya, of what good is material glory. You shall destroy your Akubat, Eternal Spiritual Life!'

But Muaviya did not listen and instead Umar's mind began to change, he was tempted by Muaviya's talk, 'If I join hands with you, what will you give me?'

When Mowla Murtaza Ali came to know about Muaviya's plot, he gave the following speech in public at Kufa:

The Almighty Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, May he shower his blessings upon the faithful who are leading their lives on HAQ, the right path. When the faithfulls desert the HAQ, they desert the path of destruction. O momins, I find that the one who follows his NAFS is deceived. Beware, O momins, this world shall eventually come to an end and you will have to account for it in AKHIRAT.

No doubt, there are people who believe in AKHIRAT, and lead pious lives. O momins, join with such a group, and do not be arrogant. Do not go along with people who are on the wrong path - they are the most unfortunate ones.

O momins, obey the Firman of Amirul - Momin Hazer Imam, obey Ulul Amra, Sahebul-Zaman. Those who shall follow the Holy Firmans are on the path of HAQ. Those who create FISAD (DISUNITY) shall be positively punished by having to face the fire of Hell.

O momins, the ones who accompanied me in the battle of JAMAL are the blessed ones. Whereas those who were on the opposing side, I am not angry with them, but they missed the path. My guidance is purely in your own interest, for your own good.

O momins, Syria is under my power, and yet the governor Muaviya is plotting against me. Outwardly he shows that he is taking the revenge of the murder of Hazarat Othman, but this is not so. It is jealousy against me that stirs him. He wishes to create agitation amongst us muslims and to gain ruling power in Syria.

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