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The Battle of SIFFIN

Mowla Murtaza Ali warned Muaviya, ' O Muaviya, remember you are adopting the path of 'Munafic.' How do you forget that I, with my Zulficar have destroyed many Kaffirs of Islam. I have destroyed your grandfather, father and uncle who turned their faces away from Nabi-e-Karim S.A.S. You shall go to the path of janam (Hell).'
During the period of ninety days, forty five thousand people were killed from Muaviya's side and twenty five thousand from Mowla Murtaza Ali's side. When the chief warriors of Muaviya's army were killed, and Muaviya's tent became visible to the army of Mowla Ali's, Umar bin Aas invented a trick to save his side from defeat. He ordered his warriors to raise the Holy Quran on their spears, as if begging for peace.

Mowla Ali's soldiers speaking this were deceived; they hesitated to attack, as was anticipated by Muaviya. Asass, one of the chiefs of army asked Mowla Murtaza Ali to stop the war. But Mowla Ali said, 'I had already advised Muaviya to follow the Holy Quran, he never agreed. Now because we are on the verge of victory, he is tricking us. I am not willing to stop the battle.'

Asass said, 'Ya Ali, they are Muslims requesting us to follow the Holy Quran!'

Mowla Murtaza Ali said, 'HAZA QURANO SAMET, WA ANA QURANO NATEO (This Quran is dumb, I am the speaking Quran.)'

There was disunity among the army of Mowla Ali. Malek Ushtar's group kept on fighting. But Mowla Ali had to stop him from carrying on.

Following the stopping of the war, Mowla Ali had to make an agreement with Muaviya. Arbitrators were appointed from both sides. And in this matter also, Mowla Ali's chosen arbitrators were not accepted by Muaviya, or the army of Mowla Ali. Abu Mussa Ashari, an old man, was agreed as the arbitrator, against Mowla Ali's will.

Umar Bin Aas, the arbitrator from Muaviya's side, easily fooled Abu Mussa, when the two arbitrators gave their decision eight months after the war had stopped. A totally unfavorable decision was passed for the side of Mowla Murtaza Ali and his momins.

Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.)'S passing away from his physical world

Mowla Murtaza Ali said to the people of Kufa, 'You and your generations will have to suffer the consequences of the serious Befirmani during the battle.'

Nothing stopped Muaviya from continuing his revolting against Mowla Murtaza Ali. When Mowla Murtaza Ali sent his army to Syria to defend against Muaviya's disturbance, the Kharjis attempted the invasion of Iraq. So Mowla Ali had to redirect his army.

After victory over the Kharjis, Mowla Murtaza Ali called a meeting of the momins in Kufa to reorganize the fight against Muaviya in Syria. Mowla Murtaza Ali said to ABDUR REHMAN MULZIM, a faithful momin, 'O Ibne Mulzim, one day you shall attack me with your poisoned sword.'

Ibne Mulzim had been forced to act in this way because of the demand in the MOHOR of the marriage with a very beautiful girl whom he was in love with. The girl, Katma, demanded: 10,000 gold Dinnars, 100 male slaves, 100 female slaves, and the head of Hazarat Ali.

Ibne Mulzim had said to her that he could easily fulfil all her demands except the one of the head of Hazarat Ali. But Katama said she would not marry him if the death of the revenge of her brother during battle of Khaiber was not taken. Katama told Ibne Mulzim that when Mowlana Ali is in total concentration during Namaz, he should strike with a poisonous sword.

There was a big row in the mosque, and when Ibne Mulzim was arrested, Mowla Murtaza Ali said to Imam Shah Hussein and Imam Shah Hassan, 'Arrest him, but he must be punished only once since he has attacked me no more than once.'

Mowla Murtaza Ali (A.S.) performed 'NASS' of his 'Khudai Noor-e-imamat' to Mowlana Shah Hussein (A.S.) and Mowla Ali, thereafter, physically passed away from this world at the age of sixty-three.

O momins, the mystery of KHUDAWIND-E-KARIM is unknown even to the ASHTA CROR BRAHMAS. Pir, Paygambers, also have been unable to fathom the divine role. It was not the might of Muaviya , nor the strength of Muaviya's army, that enabled him to overthrow the material authority of Hazarat Mowla Ali. But it was the faithfulness and treachery of the followers, the momins themselves that was the cause of all the happenings. They let down Hazarat Mowla Murtaza Ali by their disobedience at Jang-e-Siffin, and gave Muaviya the chance to survive. The poison of this disobedience carried through to the battle of Kerbala.

When the momins, themselves, those for whom SHRI VISHNU VAR DATAR NOOR MOWLA MURTAZA ALI adopts AVTARI VESH, do not take benefit (On the contrary, become Nafarmani) then even the PURPOSE OF THE CREATION is lost.

The divine power could, of course, very easily have destroyed the evil forces. But because of Nafarmani whole circumstances are altered by the 'NOOR'

Mowla Murtaza Ali always acts for the good of the RUHANIS in general, helping his momins in ZAHIR and BATIN. The 'NOOR-E-KHUDAWIND HAQ submitted to the law of the nature, although HE-HIMSELF- is the creator of the divine law. By so doing Mowla Ali imparted to the world the great lesson on the futility of this life, significance of his tolerance, etc. Otherwise Mowla Ali Hazer Imam, by his KHUDAWIND POWER, if he so desired, could have destroyed the whole of creation in the wink of an eye.

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