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Mowla jo Ghar

We look through the eyes of MUKHI SAHEB, KAMADIA SAHEB, MUKHIANI MAA, KAMADIANI MAA we can behold the Holy Didar of Noor Mowla Murtaza Ali Hazer Imam. It is the Mubarak 'TASHVIR' of the ZAHER SWARUP (MANIFESTATION) of Noor Mowla Murtaza Ali Hazer Imam which has been most difficult, to gain view of, for the PIRS and PAYGAMBERS in the past. MUKHI SAHEB, KAMADIA SAHEB, MUKHIANI SAHEBIA, KAMADIANI SAHEBA, the representatives of Mowla Ali Hazer Imam, grace us with DUA-ASHISH, bless us, and forgive our sins. We are benefited greatly - materially and spiritually!
Our Souls are constantly craving for Holy Didar, and Didar-E-Mowla Murtaza Ali is positively achieved in JAMATH KHANA - whether we are or aren't aware of it. The 'RUHANI KHUSHI' is proof of this:


Our Pir Mabaap says, knowingly or unknowingly, at house of 'AKAD PURUSH,' the indescribable Lord, the 'NOOR-EN-ALLAH-NOOR' Hazer Imam, our souls achieve boundless joy and happiness, our souls achieve salvation and 'NOORANI' Didar of Mowla Murtaza Ali Hazer Imam.


Those Momins who attend Mowla Je Ghare with Iman and Ishq, their each step is rewarded with crore YAGNAS. There is an incident of a momin lady, most devoted ashiq of the divine 'NOOR' VISHNU VAR DATAR MOWLA MURTAZA ALI'S EIGHTH INCARNATION, SHRI KARSANJI, which demonstrates this.

Once, a young prince was seriously ill. His father, the king, after all attempts with medical treatment had failed, sought for the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna Karsanji. The king was fortunate to have an audience with Lord Shri Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna told the king that he would have to perform YAGNA, which was essential to help the prince. Therefore she first asked me whether to use her recent or her past YAGNAS. She kindly gave you the PUNYA from recent earnings.'

' O King, my momins are wealthier than kings, their deepest of convictions tells them this, and therefore they are always very happy and contented despite their simple lives. This is my grace upon them.'

'O King, my momins love me so very deeply, I always, day and night, take care of them. They remember me day and night and leave all their problems of this world and the next upon me: Whatever happens in their life, they say 'SHUKRANAS' in my Huzur (DARBAR). Such momins are true momins, and I am always with them to fulfill all their life's ambitions.'

What 'KHUSHI,' Joy and happiness of the religion of the 'NOOR' Mowla Murtaza Ali, AALE NABI AWLADE ALI, where there are tremendous BAKSHISH and NAVAJISH for momins. There is another incident of the time of Imam Mowlana Shah Mohammed Baqie (A.S) which relates to the same theme.

Once, it is related that a momin came in the Huzur of Mowlana Shah Mohammed Baqir (A.S.) He mentioned to Mowla Bapa, 'YA MOWLA, I am not rich.'

Mowlana Shah Mohammed Baqir (A.S.) said, 'My Dear Child, it is not true, you are rich and a very wealthy person.'

The Momin Pleaded, 'Ya Mowla I am telling the truth, I am not rich.'

'No my dear child, you possess a tremendous treasure.'

The Momin Said, 'Ya Mowla Thou Knoweth better, I am not knowledgeable of the facts.'

'Well, my dear child, suppose someone were to offer to give you one thousand gold coins under the condition that the love of Hazer Imam is eradicated from your heart: would you agree?'

'No! My Lord I would not accept this at all. Even if I were to be offered a million gold coins, I would not accept such an undesirable condition.'

'O the fortunate One! Now think for yourself, Hazer Imam's love is so priceless to you. You know this well,' Mowlana Shah Mohammed Baqir (A.S.) said.
Mowla Bapa further said, 'I know that even if anyone were to present before you the kingdom of this whole world, you would not accept it if Hazer Imam's love is in any way to become lessened from your life.'

'It is because of My Divine Grace that I kindle, Myself, the 'NOOR,' THE LIGHT OF IMAN in Momins' hearts and souls - it is all because of our love and grace upon our beloved momins: this is priceless and cannot be bought with material wealth.'

'You still consider yourself as an unwealthy person?'

The momin said, 'Ya Mowla, Ya Hazer Imam, I shall never say again in my life that I am unwealthy.'

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah has said in Holy Firman - say SALWAT: ALLAHUMA SALI ALA MUHAMMADIN WA AALE MUHAMMAD.

A Momin whose Iman is safe is a true wealthy person. If you do not have material wealth, so what? If you are courageous and keen to render humble services to your religion then you have an unlimited treasure - wealth.

To give humble services to Hazer Imam is the Momin's (unperishable) wealth and it is the Momin's best virtue. (Nagalpur, November 29, 1903)

O fortunate momin! Hazer Imam's love is so unique that it cannot be compared with anything in the whole world: Love for Mowla Murtaza Ali is truly a limitless unperishable treasure for the momins.

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