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On Raja Goverchand Akhiyan



After having attended to all the Royal court's daily affairs, Raja Goverchand retired to his royal palace. Upon arrival Rajaji's beloved, beautiful queens and maids received Rajaji at the entrance and gave him great affection, love and respect. Thereafter Rajaji was requested to sit on the golden Bajot (Seat), before the queens could give him a sponge bath, perfume his charming body and refresh him.

Raja Goverchand's mother, Minavati - a very pious and religious lady - while all the great honour, respect and pleasures were being accorded to her son, watched with much concern. Minavati thought to herself that one day her beloved son's beautiful body will perish and eventually be cremated to ashes: no sign of his present, most charming physical body will exist save dust and ashes.

Mother Minavati was on the balcony overlooking Rajaji's golden Bajot. All of a sudden, Raja Goverchand's attention was attracted towards his mother. He marked that she was shedding considerable tears - she looked terribly sad and worried.

Raja Goverchand was alarmed at this unusual incident. He immediately asked his mother, politely, the reason for her sorrow. 'Why are you so sad mataji?' asked Raja Goverchand, 'Mataji who has annoyed you in my raj -rule?'

Mother Minavati answered in a soft tone, 'My dear child! No one would dare to annoy me in your raj; my concern is with your own life - not physical but spiritual. One day, my dear, your beautiful body shall perish and it will be cremated to ashes: I am ever so worried about what shall remain finally - your ATMA or SOUL. Your soul shall be absolutely alone and responsible to answer for the actions of your material life. God knows what will happen to your soul then.'

'My dear child, I wish that you should abandon this Gadi - royal throne of yours and proceed at the earliest in search of the truth which shall, in return, impart to you a KINGDOM OF HEAVEN - Eternal and of true happiness.'

Pir Shams says:


Meaning: In this mortal world, many great kings and rulers have existed
Who eventually have miserably died. There are now no signs or
Traces of their existence. They have left immense wealth after them
Which was of no use to them in the next world.

' O my dear son, I am much worried and pained when I think of your fate. It is going to be the same as that of the great kings of the past.'

' O my dear son, I would prefer that you go for the Unperishable, eternal life and achieve spiritual glory and dignity. Only this will save your soul from eternal punishment - protect your soul from spiritual miseries, disasters, calamities and catastrophies. O my dear son, do not waste the most precious time of your life -'MANKHA AVTAR' - which is so rare and hard to get. MANKHA AVTAR is so priceless! My dear child.'

Raja Goverchand listened to his mother's cry and advice. He most respectfully said, 'Mataji, allow me to rule BENGAL for at least another eight years, after which period I will positively renunciate the Gadi and proceed in search of THE TRUTH in the jungle with yogis.'

Mata Minavati said to her son Raja Goverchand, 'O my beloved son! Think now, and take it for granted that you have already ruled Bengal for the desired period: suppose now that the time has ended. Think aright my dear son. Think in this right direction. The most valuable time of your life is fleeting by you. Think again and again about the precious time of your life. You may take it for granted that you have already accomplished all that the material world can offer, so start working fast for your eternal life - the only genuine, real life, the life you are to live forever. Do now! Act now! Or never! My dear child think aright.'

Raja Goverchand was deeply touched by his mother's advice and her most touching and inspiring sentiments. Rajaji bowed down before his mother and said: 'O Mataji, I promise you I shall follow your good advice as soon as possible.'

Raja Goverchand then made up his mind firmly to become a 'yogi.' He mentioned his views to his reliable and trustworthy prime minister. He clarified to him that he wished to renunciate the royal throne and go for yogi life in the jungle, for the salvation of his soul with another reliable yogi. The prime minister advised Rajaji to first invite all the yogis of India to his palace, entertain them and eventually to find the perfect Guru for himself. Rajaji did as advised.

Most of the yogis came to Rajaji's palace as invited except one great yogi named Nath Jalandhar. He did not come, therefore Raja Goverchand became worried. Raja's prime minister advised him to reinvite Nath Jalandhar yogi with a special invitation. Nath Jalandhar yogi, by the special invitation, came to Raja Goverchand's palace where he was very well entertained. Raja Goverchand when the time was right pleaded to him for 'AMAR FAL' (FRUITS OF THE ETERNAL LIFE).

Nath Jalandhar yogi agreed to part with 'AMAR FAL,' but lo! He took out dirt from his body, shaped it into pill-form and gave it to Raja to eat right away.

The ruler of Bengal took this matter as a great insult and in his anger hurriedly offered Nath Jalandhar a tray filled with DUNG (FILTHY CHANNA). But amazingly, Nath Jalandhar ate away the whole tray and blessed Raja Goverchand, 'My child, reap the same in abundance.'

Immediately! Things were changed in the palace for Raja Goverchand. He visualized and experienced DUNG (FILTH) everywhere. Wherever he went for food - on the table, in the garden or in his room - everywhere Rajaji found DUNG, DUNG and FILTH. It was unbearable for Raja Goverchand. He could not stand it.

Raja Goverchand then asked his servants to take all the dung and filth and throw it upon Nath Jalandhar yogi who was seated in meditation in his cave. Nath Jalandhar was totally buried with DUNG and FILTH.

Raja Goverchand's mother Minavati came to know about the misdeeds of her son. She was greatly shamed in the society. She became much worried lest serious misfortune befalls their family after the wrongs done by Raja. Mata Minavati advised Raja Goverchand to request Nath Jalandhar for forgiveness. Mata Minavati also thought it advisable to seek the advice of Yogi KANIPA, one of the disciples of Nath Jalandhar yogi.

Kanipa yogi sympathetically advised Minavati to prepare three wax models of Raja Goverchand. They were made to stand in front of Nath Jalandhar and to prostrate before him one by one in turn: on each occasion of prostration, Nath Jalandhar cursed the model, 'You'll burn to ashes.' All three were burned to ashes. In accordance with yogic rule, such curses are given three times. The wax models took the curses and then Raja Goverchand himself approached Nath Jalandhar accompanied by Kanipa Yoga, and begged for pardon.

Nath Jalandhar was pleased with Raja Goverchand and prayed for him, whereas he was annoyed with Kanipa yogi for the reason that he had shown the trick to Raja as how to win forgiveness. Nath Jalandhar yogi said to Kanipa in anger: 'Be condemned,' and at the same time, to Raja Goverchand: 'Be glorified.' Yogi Kanipa, because of the curse from Nath Jalandhar was much disturbed and earnestly requested for the curse to be withdrawn.

Nath Jalandhar said: 'It is not possible for me to withdraw the curse but YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE ADVENT OF TWO GREAT SAINTS, THE ADVENT OF PIR SADARDIN SAHEB AND PIR HASSAN KABIRDIN SAHEB who will pardon you and the curse will be annulled.' Nath Jalandhar could curse but power of forgiveness lay in the hands of two greater saints whose advents were predicted.

Raja Goverchand, as he had decided to lead a yogic life, appealed to Nath Jalandhar to accept him as his disciple. Nath Jalandhar consented that Raja Goverchand join him in the jungle where they would spent twelve years for Raja Goverchand's test, purification, expulsion of ego, and spiritual elevation.

Nath Jalandhar and Raja Goverchand therefore went into the jungle.

Upon the completion of twelve years in the jungle, they returned to the town where Rajaji had once ruled. Rajaji was in his yogic dress. Nath Jalandhar decided to test Raja Goverchand and asked him to go for BHIKSHA or beg alms in the town and also at his forsaken palace from his queens and maids.

Raja Goverchand in his yogic dress went to his palace and in the presence of his beloved queens begged: 'I beg for alms, give me something in God's name.' The queens recognized Rajaji, their darling husband who had lost all charm and beauty - his head clean-shaven - holding a vessel for alms and a 'danda' or stick. He begged for food from the queens.

The queens seeing the condition of Rajaji began to shed tears: 'O Rajaji, please, kindly discard this life you are leading. O darling, your royal throne awaits you. We can impart to you all the happiness in the palace. O Rajaji, stay with us and lead a kingly life -a happy royal life. We Pray, we beg of you, O our beloved, listen to us . . . .'

AT this time a wave of thoughts entered the mind of Raja Goverchand: 'Ah . . .ah . . . once upon a time I was a great king of this land, I ruled the people and my glory was supreme. But now! I am completely reduced - my position is just trivial and insignificant. What a drastic difference and change!' These thoughts underestimated Raja's spiritual dignity and achievements. The test proved most difficult.

Nevertheless, Raja Goverchand restrained himself and said, 'O Rani now I have no concern with the royal throne, what I need from you is BHIKSHA (ALMS). Give me in God Name.'

'O Rajaji, darling, do come and stay with us at the palace. We shall not bother you in your meditation or similar activities. We all beg of you, Rajaji stay with us happily. We are very much pained at seeing your sufferings in the search of TRUTH.'

Raja Goverchand's mother Minavati also came to meet her dear son. Rajaji bowed down before his mataji and thanked her for her good advice and guidance. In return Mata Minavati expressed her affection and blessed her son from the depth of her heart. She asked, 'Darling son, have you made progress in your spiritual life? Have you served your Guru selfishly and sincerely?'

'Yes mataji, I have done all to the best of my ability and as per advice - I am grateful to your mataji. I am now happy by heart, mind and soul.'

'Goverchand I can see now that your spiritual life is safe, your soul shall achieve salvation as you are on the right path. You still have to kill your ego. You may therefore go to the queens for alms! You still need much more spiritual progress, to become 'SIDH YOGI' or to be emancipated from all illusions, to have absolute control over all desires so that your soul can become independent, free from the physical cover of the body. When you will reach this stage you will never be disappointed in life - your life shall be of total bliss and happiness.'

Mother Minavati told Raja Goverchand that he should hurry and return to Nath Jalandhar, lest the latter should think that the Raja was enjoying the time spent with his queens.

The queens, on the other hand, were very reluctant to allow to return to yogic life. One of the queens in fact was ready to commit suicide should the Raja go to the jungle. Raja Goverchand stopped her and said that suicide would lead to spiritual unhappiness, the continual suffering and torturing of the soul. 'Raniji devote your heart and soul to our beloved GURU who shall lead us towards eternal peace, towards the abode of happiness that does not fade or vnish,' said Raja Goverchand.

'O our beloved Rajaji, we are worried about your life, what food do you eat, where do you sleep? You must have to sleep on a thorny mattress. Here the whole palace is foe your comfort and we your queens are hear to look after you. O dear Rajaji, discard your yogic dress and adopt your loyal dress, in this royal condition you can still lead a pious life and progress spiritually. We beg of you to come back -our palaces have become charm less in spite of the tremendous amenities.

' Raja Goverchand paid no attention to his beloved queens' pressing requests and immediately left to meet Nath Jalandhar Yogi.

Nath Jalandhar yogi and Raja Goverchand together left the city of Bengal and went back into the jungle where they lived yogic life for another twenty-four years. This made a total of thirty six years of yogic life for Raja Goverchand.!

Still, after the completion of the thirty-six years, Nath Jalander made another test of Raja Goverchand. They both arrived again in the city of Bengal. This time Rajaji had to fetch water in an ordinary cotton blanket - a tough test even for one who had practiced yoga for many years.

Raja Goverchand was deeply touched by this trial towards the path of spiritual emancipation. We can see that for spiritual salvation Raja Goverchand had to try and swim the ocean of Maya ie. Pass the tests of Nath Jalandhar and follow the advice of his mother, to live as 'SIDH YOGI.' This was very difficult. It was actually impossible! It was impossible to swim the ocean of Maya for the salvation of the soul by the path taken by Raja Goverchand until this point.

Pir Shams Mabaap then tells us about the only, very easy, way to combat the ocean of Maya . . .

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