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Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses for Mayat

Publication Type  Transcription
Year of Publication  2008
Heritage Standard  
Authors  Anonymous

7 verses


Selected verses to give courage when a loved one passes...

Full Text  

Eji Amare vachane je jiv chalshe
Te to ae dhar meli nahi jashe bahar
Te nar Sri Islamshah ne Allah kari manshe
Aema shak na aanshe lagaar
Cheto Rikhissaro Gur kahe sacha satgure em kahiya

13) Eji Amrapuri che aagle,
Tena sukh kahya nav jay,
Satgure dithi tevi kahi,
Tya(n) hur malaaek che mahain. Cheto....

13. The Amrapuri (Heaven) that you will experience and the peace
that you will have is impossible for Me to
describe! Verily believe Me when I say that I have
experienced it and it is a place full of
Firastas and spiritually evolved souls.

14) Eji Anat meva che te mahel ma(n),
Te ghar ni shobha che tya(n)y,
Moman rikhisar te mahel ma(n),
Liana(n) lad karshe tya(n)y. Cheto.....

14. In the Amrapuri (Heaven) there are boundless rewards and that
(Imam) will bestow His blessings on
Momins and grant all their hearts' desires.

15) Eji Aewa ghar te jiv pamshe,
Je chalshe aapna satpanth mahain,
Khara dasondi sukarit vanta,
Teni sankha che aelm mahain. Cheto....

15. So remember Momin, if you walk the path of Satpanth and be a
Dasondi and observe Sukreet (good
deeds) you will find that Amrapuri for even our scriptures
(the right knowledge) bear that fact.

26) Eji Ae ghar sreve je satsoon,
Tena patak sarve jay,
Avtare avtar orkhe,
Tene pahele moksh muktaj thay Cheto......

26. Those Momins who will serve Him with sincerity, all their past
and present sins will be forgiven. They will
also recognize Him in all His different forms and they will
be the ones who will

31) Eji Aakhar jamano aaviyo,
Aavi chelli kaljug ni var,
Avtar sarve pura thaya,
Have sami rajo thashe aswar Cheto......

31. O Momins! This is the last time you have come here and all your Avtars
are now over and now King Ali will
do Aswari (Epiphany) (make Himself known).

96) Eji Ali te to sahi allah kahiye
Tema oocho nahire lagaar
Ame aene manio sidak soon
Aeno nam che jallshanaho aakar Cheto......

96. Momins, do call Ali Allah and nothing less for I have believed in Him
with implicit faith and He is my Lord.

Eji Ali dware ame aaviya
Jyan choote te sarve jivoone janjal
Jyan hiana khiana aage kainjiv odhariya
Tyan ya Ali amaro jiv che umedvar
Cheto Rikhissaro Gur kahe sacha satgure em kahiya

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