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Alidina Kanji Ramji, Wazir

1843 - 1948

Texts for Alidina Kanji Ramji, Wazir

15. Alidina Kanji Ramji, Wazir - page 47

Alidina Kanji Ramji, Wazir

Kanji Ramji originated from Samaghoga, about 14 miles from Mundra, Kutchh. He had a religious proclivity since childhood. His habits were very simple and he lived a saintly life till last breath, so much so that the Imam during his first visit to East Africa said, 'What should be the momin's qualities, habits and manners are seen in Kanji Ramji. Everyone must follow them accordingly.' (Zanzibar: July 5, 1899). He was also the Mukhi and became known as the 'Dini Darwish of Kutchh' due to his pious life.

Texts for Alidina Kanji Ramji, Wazir

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