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Laljibhai Devraj, Mukhi

1842 - 1930

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71. Laljibhai Devraj - page 281

Laljibhai Devraj, Mukhi

He was born in 1842 in the village of Kapaya, Kutchh. His name was Lalji and his father Devraj came to Bombay when he was hardly few months old. The loss of his mother in 1844 forced his father to hire a woman to nurse the 2 year-old child.
Mukhi Laljibhai Devraj learnt Gujrati upto grade four, and acquired little knowledge of English. He was betrothed to Lailabai in 1860. Two years after his marriage, his father Lalji died in 1862.

Texts for Laljibhai Devraj, Mukhi

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