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Sabzali Ramzan Ali, Pir

1884 - 1938

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30.0 Pir Sabzali

Pir Sabzali
Sabzali Ramzan Ali, Pir

During the stretch of 1,400 years, on the pages of Ismaili history, there have been descriptive notes of extraordinary and chivalrous individualities. Lives of our revered Pirs, Sayyids, Fidais and Da'is, passing through this cycle, prompt us to become great personalities.

92. Sabzali Ramzan Ali, Pir - page 364

Sabzali Ramzan Ali, Pir

predecessors of Pir Sabzali hailed from Mundra, Kutchh. In his ancestry we find
a certain Sabzali Hansraj, the grandfather of Pir Sabzali, a small trader in
Kutchh. He was a dedicated social worker. His son Ramzan Ali (d. 1886) had
three sons, Mahomed Jaffer (1874-1918), Rahim (1880-1929), Pir Sabzali
(1884-1938) and three daughters, Fatimabai, Jainabai and Sonbai. Ramzan Ali had
come to Bombay, where he started his own business and was also a social worker
in the community.

dates of the birth of Pir Sabzali sound in written and oral traditions, such as

Texts for Sabzali Ramzan Ali, Pir

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