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Abu Abd Allah AI-Shii

- 0911

Texts for Abu Abd Allah AI-Shii

3.0 Abu Abd Allah Al-Shi'i

Abu Abd Allah AI-Shii

Abu Abd Allah al-Husain b. Ahmad Muhammad b. Zakariya was a Yemenite of Kufa. He was also known as al Muhtasib.

He was a dedicated Shi'ite and highly versed in esoteric. Realizing his promise and potential, the Imam sent him to Yemen for apprenticeship at the hands of Abu'l Qasim b. Hawshab, the Ismaili da'i, who had succeeded in establishing a foot-hold in that country, Abu Abd Allah stayed in Yemen for a year, in close association with Abul Qasim and participated in missionary. administrative and military activities.

Texts for Abu Abd Allah AI-Shii

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