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Jalam b. Shayban


Exact dates are not known for him

Texts for Jalam b. Shayban

6.0 The Da'i Jailam b. Shayban and the Ismaili State of Multan*

Jalam b. Shayban

About the end of the 3rd/9th century, even before the Fatimid Caliphate was established on the North African soil, the Fatimid mission was at work in many countries including India. On this point we have the evidence of the learned Qadi an-Nu'man (d. 363/ .974)., Chief Qadi of the Fatimid Caliph ai-Mu'izz (d. 365/976), who states that in 270/883 the Yamani Da'i Abu I-Qasim b. Hawshab Mansur al-Yaman sent his nephew al-Haytham as da'i (missionary) to Sind and the Da'wa (mission) spread to Hind'.

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