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Hakam Nizari Birjindi Kohistani

1247 - 1320

Texts for Hakam Nizari Birjindi Kohistani

21.0 Hakim Nizari Birjindi Kohistani

Hakam Nizari Birjindi Kohistani

Hakim Naeemuddin bin Jalal-ud-din Nizari is acknowledged as one of the renowned Persian savants and poets of Seventh Century Hijri. He was also one of the famous Ismaili Da'i (Missionary) of post-Alamut era. Out of respect for Hazrat lmam Shah Nizar and to show his unequivocal allegiance to the Shia lmami Ismaili Nizari sect, he adopted the nom-de-plume (Takhallus) NIZARI. As he hailed from Birjind in Iranian Kohistan, he is also known as Birjindi or Kohistani.

Texts for Hakam Nizari Birjindi Kohistani

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