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0A. Table of The Contents of the Text

1. The manifestation of the Imam and his Hujjat......1v.-2v.
2. The necessity of the propaganda (da'wat) in the time when the Imam is hidden ..... 2v.-3
3. The fourfold knowledge about the Imam .....3-3v.
4. The Hujjat's and da'i's knowledge of the Imam .....3v.-4
5. The relations between the Imam and the Hujjat .....4-4v.
6. The manifestation of the Imam is essential to the existence of the world .....4v.-6
7. Definition of the degree of the Hujjat .....6-6v.
8. The logical proofs of the necessity of the Hujjat .....6v.
9. The traditional proofs of the necessity of the Hujjat .....6v.-10v.
10. The reason why the Imam and his Hujjat are the same in their essence but separate in their bodily appearance .....10v.-11
11. The Hujjat's miraculous knowledge ..... 11-13
12. The reason why the Hujjat can be manifested in the "Truth" only ..... 13-15
13. Definition of the classes of the believers .....15-15v.
14. The question of the Tithe ..... 15v.-16
15. The adversaries .....16-16v.

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