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Compliment for karimabad walfare member

My name is Akbar Ali I live in America since 28 years, we are 4 siblings 2 sisters and 2 brothers my elder brother passed away few years back now sisters are alone and no one is there to take care of them one sister is older then 60+ and other one is almost 50. since my brother died my sisters are having problem going to JamatKhana in the night because they are living in Asif Sqaure by Sohrab Got. My older sister become very sick and weak what happened was they contact to Karimabad Welfares they immediately took the notice, one of the member FAREED JESANI he really helped them and he spoke to me which is very impressive and he shift them into Nizari nursing home. My older sister have a mentally disturb and she tried to kill her self, any way I want to appreciate Mr Jesani, Ms Seema and whole team of Walfare committee. Those people are doing a very wonderful khidmat. May Moula accept your effort, I very appreciate Fareed Jesani effort he is a true Ismaili gentleman. I suppose to come to Karachi but I have some Immigration problems.

Best Regards Akbar Ali

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