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Sakhi mahaa padd keri vaat - 2006

From Zohra


NIce Ginan

i love this ginan, though i don't understand. is there any source from which i can learn gujrati (this ginan shareef is in gujrati if i am not wrong)

Ginan explanation

Yam u can contact me and i will try my best to explain you this


Jev or atma what is different batween both? Soul and siprit.

ginan: saki ...

i would like to download this ginan please. thank u


Download available.
Enjoy Surfing Your Heritage!


Great......looks like a part of Brahm Prakash

saints & ginaan

Ginaans & those with Music and Waez

What to choose and what to skip!!!

We are lucky being online and dip ourselves in these heavenly Blessings.

Gujarati Venti & Pharsi kasidaas....resemble nature of Indopak culture and Central asia feels...........All in a race to Please the Master and elevete soul!!

Unlucky are those who cannot sip from Ghar baithi Ganga......Only believers gets it....1000 years literature and they dont know(hidden).....Allah jeesey chahey Hidayat se nawazta hey.........May Mowla accept our LOVE for Ginaans....as Garbi promises...


Feel so bad about new generation who has to learn so many languages and thereby miss Gujarati.

Bravo to Africa immigrants to Canada who keep up and enjoy our traditions in Gujarati

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