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Kuala Lumpur Jamatkhana , Malaysia


16 Road 5Lorong Tiong Nam Lima
Kuala Lumpur

Correct address as of Jan 23, 2010 is:

8 Jalan Taban
Taman Lucky
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Jamatkhana Kuala Lumpur

is the above mentioned address of Jamatkhana correct (updated in 2010)? Also want to know the timings.
I'm currently at Traders Hotel in KL, any info on best way to get to JK from the hotel will be extremely helpful!
Email address is: farhana.dhrolia [at] gmail.com
Any help is greatly appreciated.


I am from from Afghanistan. I will be in Malaysia Kualalampor on winter 2014 for the doing MBA.

Can you please help to find a part time job any AKDN office in Kualalpor to help my self finacially.

I have almost 9.5 years work experience in telecomunication.

please drop me email in case of any opportunity at farzana.adell01 [at] gmail.com.

Thank you,

We are a small Syrian Ismaili family moving to Malaysia

Dear all,

Due to the crisis in Syria and the unbearable situation in our city Salamieh, we have been thinking to move to Kuala Lampur as this is one of the few places left where we Syrians can still go. The situation of the refugees is horrible and we cannot take an adventure as we have a one year old son with us. This is why we want to find at least one job opportunity for one of us before we feel safe to come.

I have an MSc in Biology. I have been teaching at a local university for four years now and at the same time workign with a medical and lab supplies company for almost six years . My wife has studeied at the graduate programme of Islamic Studies and Humanities (GPISH) at the Institute of Ismaili Studies in London. she has an MA in Comparative Literature, worked as a monitoring and evaluation officer for the early childhood development programme at Aga Khan Foundation, Syria, for three years. She is working now in the Humanitarian Assistan core team in the same organization.

Please advice, especially if you know of relevant job opportunites in Malaysia in general and Kuala Lampur in particular.

My email address is: muhammad.aizuki [at] gmail.com and I will be coming to Malaysis in a work visit on 17th of June of this month.

Sorry for the long comment,



IF ANY BODY KNOWS ABOUT MALAYSIA JK,ADRESS&PHONE NO OF COUNSIL OF MALASIA PL;Z FORWARD TO ME ON MY E MAIL ADRESS amirali510 [at] yahoo.com or amirali.5 [at] live.com i hope that any knows about jk.plz send me adress.


Applying for MM2H program

Willing to apply for MM2H program. I am a banker by profession having 12 years of experience. Will highly appreciate if one can advise about the opportunities available in Malaysia. Please also advise if the MM2H is worth applying. Please share your views on my email imransoneri[at]gmail.com


i want to know the actual adress of jamat kahana asi will stay in skyp express hotel in kaula lampur from 25 to 26


ya ali madad iam suman kabani from pakistan right now iam in Malaysia studying in innovative international collge which is in unit 1201, level 12
menara mutiara majestic
jalan othman section 3
46000 petaling jat, selangor, Malaysia
i dont like my college hostel is their any ismaili family near my college whom i can live and i want to attend jamat khana also please reply my email add is
suman_kabani [at] hotmail.com waiting for ur reply thanks

Proper address of Kaula Lampur Jamat Khana

Ya Ali Madad,

I am planning to come to Kaula Lampur in September. Since it is my first visit to Malaysia, I would like to get the telephone number of the Mukhi or Kamadia Sahebs of Kaula Lampur Jamatkhana. I would appreciate if someone could provide me the proper address of jamat khana and also the prayers timings. During my visit, I would also like to meet the members of Economic Planning Board of that jamat khana.

Please contact me as soon as you can.

Many thanks,

Hassan Ali
Email: hassanalisamnani [at] yahoo.com

Kuala Lumpur Visit

Mr. Hassan Ali Samnanai,

Re Your Kuala Lumpur Visit

Kuala Lumpur J.K.
Mukhi Saheb Shiraj Pyar Ali, E-mail siraj@mydin.com//786siraj [at] gmail.com Mobile +6019-3303-866 Res. +603-22849293 Office +603-55414886 Fax +603-55414499
Kamadia Saheb Feroz Surani E-mail SURANI [at] steelcanada.com Mobile +6017-2397577 Res.+6039802501052 Office+603-8024 4577/+6019 5593 2341

I the undersigned is Ramzan Ali Varas Hassam (past President of Malaysia and Singapore Council) present residing in Toronto Canada.
I hope the above Amaldaris will help you out.
With best regards and good luck.
Kindly acknowledge my information .

Rai Ramzan Ali Varas Hassam
Toronto Canada

JK phone number in KL

Does anyone have a phone number for KL JK or mukhi Saheb or council or tariqah board for KL

jamatkhan address and dua timings

i am coming from Dallas and wish to attend jk there so can i please have the proper address and opening and dua timings
my email address is : murad_power [at] hotmail.com
please reply
thank you

JK Address

Hello and YAM,

I am from Canada and would like to attend JK on July 10th 2013th. Can you please confirm the address? My email is nadeemnathoo [at] gmail.com

Thank you.

finding jamatkhana

I am studing in malaysia kl city me from pakistan wouid you please tell me correct address of jamatkhana as soon as possible by email.

my email address is: laila.rehmat [at] yahoo.com

YamI saw your post and am

I saw your post and am interested in getting an email address of either mukhi Saheb or any Jamati leader in KL malayasia.

If you have any info, can you pass it on


Hlalani0505 [at] gmail.com

Regarding jk Address

hey, i just saw ur comment on the site do u still need the guided address for jk or u find it ??


hey this is me Nawaz,can you plz help me aswel if you find out correct address of JK can you plz send me aswel :) thank you soo much.takecare..

My email address is shahnu123 [at] hotmail.com

Jamatkhana address

YAM,I am in bukit mehra. Could u email me phone num & add of jamatkhana, penang & kl....

email rahimrkotadia [at] yahoo.com

Telephone Contac

Could you please email me Telephone Number KL JK please and Thank

Email is ejaz.nali [at] gmail.com

did you find JK in KL. Hope

did you find JK in KL. Hope u had fun there.

jamatkhana kl

Hello Sir,
Yaa Ali Madad,

I am Kurban Ratnani ,from Hyderabad India. I will be visiting Malaysia & Singapore during third week of September-12 for business purpose.

We are exporter of Dry Red Chillies. Malaysia is biggest importer of Chillies and we are looking for some business deal there.

Sir, can you please help me to get the address of Jamatkhana in Kualalampur , Penang & Singapore. Also If I can get contact details of Economic Planning Board in Malaysia & Singapore.

I will be really thank full for your help.

Thanks & Regards

Re Kola Lampur Malaysia

We wll be traveling to Brisbane, Austrlia for our daugher' graduation . While we are down there, we are plaing a trip to Bankok, thialiand and Kola Lamput Malaysia.(It will be three of us, our Daugher Alisha, Liakat and myself)
November 27/2012 to December 12/2012, and as it is our first time to to this places. If someone knows. how to get a telephone number of the Mukhi or Kamadia sahebs of KL and Bankok Jamatkhana.

Please contact us as soon as you can.
Many thanks,
Shamim Kassam

need the add. of jamat khana in kaula lumpur

hi plz give me the perfect add. of jk in kaula lumpur


I am born into a sunni family and i am now considering conversion to ismaili faith. I have studied ismaili faith alot and i am still studying it. As i see it, Ismaili faith seems to me an organised version of sufism. I really love it and feel very close to it. However i feel that rules about converting should not be so strict but i do understand that there are reasons why they are. I am currently in Pakistan but my family will soon be moving to malaysia. I consider myself Ismaili in my heart but now i want to convert on the outside too. Although my family will approve of it, they wont like it. I want to know if its possible for me to go through the conversion process in malaysia ? please if someone can help me by giving any contact number or email of any authority in the KL jamatkhana. I would be very thankful.

Conversion Process

can you please write me email on my personal email address, I will surely let you know a lot of information which is surely interesting for you. My email is shahzad.lakhani [at] gmail.com
Thanks and best wishes.

Shift KL

Ya Ali Madad,

Dear friends,

My name is Sadruddin. I am planing to shift KL with my family on end of July. I am a I.T professional from Karachi Pakistan and looking for a job in Malaysia KL, Could you send me some IT companies addresses, links and email addresses for job.Could send me also conform address of KL Jamat khana and email address.

My email address is sidshah.bachlani at gmail.com

Thanks and regards,


For further info you can email ferozsurani @ gmail.com or can call me at +60172397577

Getting to JK, while on a short visit to KL


I am coming from USA on a work visit to KL for first week of June. Staying near towers. If someone can guide me and possibly give me ride to Jamat Khana, I would really appriciate it.

my email contact is: anilali@gmail.com


KL JK Location

Dear plz call me if u needs help to reached to JK at KL



business instructions

Hi Hayat, YAM

My name is ismail sajwani and i am from karachi pakistan. I am planning to move to KL next summer and do some business. Can you please, if possible tell me how much pakistani rupees i will need and what kind of business i should start at the beginning. Also how many ismaili's are in KL. I will really appreciate. Thanks and YAM.

Conform address of KL jamat khana and email address of epb

Ya alimaddad
I am an I.T professional from Islamabad Pakistan and looking for a job in Malaysia, would some will send me conform address of KL Jamat khana and email address of economic planning board Malaysia
Email address if iqbaig [at] yahoo.com

Jk services in KL

We are visiting KL from Jan 26-29 and would like to visit jk, please advise us of ceremony times and do you have everyday Jk?

Thank you
Narmin.nathoo@ gmail.com

Contact information KL jamakhana

We are planning to come to KL soon, and as it is our first time to Malaysia we would like to get a telephone number of the Mukhi or Kamadia sahebs of KL Jamatkhana.

Please contact us as soon as you can.
Many thanks,
Shafiq and Nimet Jiwani

visit to KL


The khana is in Bansar, near Lucky Garden, the street address: Jalan Taban, house no. 8.

If u need direction call me.


+6016 694 3071

moving to KL from Vancouver Canada

We are planning to move to KL on a permanent basis, we r over 50+

Can you please guide me if you can on the following matters

Where should i look for an apartment or house near Jamat Khana - where do most Ismali's reside in KL

What are the rental for 2 bedroom apartment in and near Jamat Khana or else

Should i get my paperwork done through an Agent in KL or else

Would appreciate your help

Thank U

My contact email rafiq@universaltravel.ca Tele Mobile 1 778 882 4786

Wanting to retire in mal

I want come to retire in malaysia from Vancouver canada
Maybe in kl or peneng want to rent nice bungalow for around 500$us
Where do recommend near Jk maybe in good area
Do Ismailis leave in other parts
Please advise
I can come to visit in September
Zaher ahamed

Retiring in Malaysia

Can you please call me Zaher on my Cell 1 778 882 4786 (Vancouver) we can discuss Moving to Malaysia

my email is rafiq@universaltravel.ca

I want to attend malaysia jk

I want to attend malaysia jk on this month dec 2011 chandrat , any pick and drop service by jk members so i can attend it

emal id : azmina_ladak@hotmail.com

Cheap accomodation for one month

Me and Husband are planning to visit KL in Dec end for one month. Is there any way to get cheap accommodation nearest to Jamat Khana.

If so please reply to nmmitha9 [at] yahoo.com

query KL

I am planning to visit to KL during the 1st / 2nd week of Nov 2011. I just want to know that during Eid-ul-Azha (Muslim festival) is there is any public holiday and what are the working days in KL?


I am in Malaysia and am wondering if there is khan on weekends and what time dua is
Please reply a soon as possible
Thank you

Help needed

Hi, We are moving to Malaysia can someone help us or guide us in searching best area or apartment to live with family and best school for kid in Kuala lumpur. I need someone number to whom I talk and take help. Please reply soon My email is


contact in Malaysia.

Dear brother there i have my son u can call him.he wil give u all information.and also if u need any help he wil help you.

Thanks Maher

Dear brother Maher realy thanks for guide.my father says thanks for giving us ur time.God bless u.

how are is JK for the china town

I am going to visit KL in Aug and would like to know how far the JK is from china town and what is the dua time

Only 15 to 20 mints far from

Only 15 to 20 mints far from China town by cab.Dua time is 7pm in a week days and fridays 7.45pm...:)

moving to Malaysia

Ya Ali Madad.
I am a self employed business man in Pakistan. I want to move to Malaysia with my family in May/June. I would like the Malaysian Jamat or Council in Malaysia to guide regarding business prospectus and family life in Kuala Lumpur. I would also like to know about the apt rentals,schools and healthcare system in KL.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A. Habib Ismail
email: habib0110 [at] yahoo.com

Distance of Jamat Khana from Putra World Trade Centre

I am from Pakistan, planning to visit Kuala Lumpur in July 2011 for a conference. Can someone guide me that how far is jamat khana is from Putra World Trade Centre?

Kuala Lumpur Jamatkhana

We are hoping to visit Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in December. Can you please let us know addresses of jamatkhanas, if the khanes are conducted everyday morning and evening, and would appreciate also closeby hotels, 3 star, safe, also public transport availability.

Our email address is: laila.keshani [at] sympatico.ca

Contact Details - Malaysia JK


I need contact details of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Jamat Khana, as I am migrating from Bangalore-India to Malaysia.

My contact details :

phone - 0091-9343686356

mail id -somani_amit20 [at] yahoo.co.in

Regards & YAM,

Amit Somani

Correct Address of JK and Any Contact of Jamati Memeber

From 08-16 July, with two other members we will be in KL and would be visiting JK. please advise us about the correct address, including the street No, House No. of JK.

JK in KL

Can someone please confirm the address of the jamatkhana in Kuala Lumper and if possible the phone number.
Thank you

kuala lumpur jamatkhana

The address given is wrong will you please check

Correct Address!

Correct address as of Jan 23, 2010 is:

8 Jalan Taban
Taman Lucky
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Use Google Maps for directions.

Correct Address !

Ya Ali Madad Naheed,

8 Jalan Taban
Taman Lucky
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
As mentioned, is this the correct address. pls confirm.

I was searching and found the below two addres on ismailizone.com

"16 Road 5Lorong Tiong Nam Lima
Kuala Lumpur


"1st Floor Lot 22 PT 19 Blk CBuluh Kubu 15000 Kota Bahru Kelantan."

Pls confirm which one is the correct one.
Thx and Regards

Jamatkhana in Malaysia


I will be in Penang next week, do you happen to have a correct address of JK?

Thanks - imtiaz
esajwani_is [at] hotmail.com

visit malaysia

YA Ali Madad,

This is sultan from Pakistan home town Hunza Gojal i would like to visit in Malaysia for searching of Job right now i am doing a job as a admin officer ( Purchaser) in Private Bank last three years.

if there is any a parachutes for job please tell me i am ready to visit and also i would like to know about the processing of visa and approx cost. please help any one

Email sultan.arbab [at] nrspbank.com

waiting very positive response

Thanks & Regards
Sultan Raza from Hunza Pakistan

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