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Singapore Jamatkhana, Singapore


25 Lorong 33 Geylang Singapore 387985
J.K TEL: 3449 053

Mukhe sahab (Murad Karmaly) +6596581067
Kamadya sahab (Niyaz Noor) +6584030819
Akber # if you need any help to reach jamat khana he will guide you all the bus and train routes 006581982180


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i am from pakistan 92 333 345 8721 by rizwan ali (not verified)
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Mukhi & Kamadya Sahab's email address by Akbar Hirani (not verified)
address for singapore jamatkhanna by Neekash Vasya (not verified)
email by shahzad (not verified)
The address provided is by Sikandar Hirani (not verified)

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