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Ottawa Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada


NEW Jamatkhana
3225 Conroy Road, off Walkley exit from Highway 417

OLD JK was at
991 Carling Avenue,Ottawa, Ontario
on festival days JK it was closed because it was very small and ceremonies were held at Centurion - 170 colonade road but now there is plenty of space in the new Jk on Conroy Av.


New JK Visit

Hi I am coming to visit the new JK in Ottawa + the Museum. Can u please suggest hotels near the JK for an overnight stay.

Do you mean the Delegation

Do you mean the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamate building? You can visit it on Sussex Drive.

The new JK is 3225 Conroy

The new JK is 3225 Conroy Rd. There is no Museum associated with the JK. I think you may be thinking of the Aga Khan Museum, which is in Toronto, with the new Ismaili Centre Toronto. There is a Holiday Inn right by the airport, not too far away from the HQ JK (only one in Ottawa)

New Ottawa JK address

what is the address of the new Ottawa JK

3225 Conroy Road, Ottawa,

3225 Conroy Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Du'a time is 7:30 M-F, and 7 pm on Weekends.

Du'a time

Ya Ali MAdad everyone,

Does anyone know the Du'a time for tomorrow please? I saw somewhere that it begins at 8 pm every night and then i saw 7:30.

PS: I just arrived in Canada 2 months ago and in Ottawa 4 days ago.

Thank you!

Jamat khana timing for friday and we need ride too please

Jamat khana timing for friday and we need ride too please

JK timing for Friday is 8.00

JK timing for Friday is 8.00 pm. If you still waiting for ride then let me know. Also today is Chandrat and it will held in Centurion Conference Center which is on Colonnade Rd. You can email me at jk.yaalimadad@gmail.com.

Is there any volunteer to help me how to get to the JK at Ottawa

I have reached Ottawa last night from Islamabad. I have stayed at Backpakers Inn 203 York street. I have to attend the JK tonight. I need help. Thank you.

Need a ride for Jk

Need a ride for JK! Please reply
ss_haji [at] yahoo.com

Regular Khane or only opens on weekend???

I am from toronto, planning to come to ottawa on monday and its chandraat was wondering if its open on monday??

ottawa jk on days of festivals

on festival days JK closes and ceremonies are held at Centurion - 170 colonade road

Attending JK

Hi my name is Binish and I am from Texas, US. I am intending to attend jk of ottawa tonite 26th Jan 2010.

Just want to make sure the address is correct and also the timings of JK ?

Please reply.


jk is still there

its there just attended. If you are going by bus, ask them to drop you off at Civic Hospital ottawa.

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