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Bayview (wk ends) Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada


(416) 395-3120
Zion Heights Junior High School
5900 Leslie Street
North York, Ontario
M2H 1J9


student comming to toront for studies

i am coming to toronto for my studies. but i am not alone allah is with me. well i need a help that is if i stay at scarborough than what it will cost me to reach and by which means should i reach this jamathkhaana

hi. i wanna contact with

hi. i wanna contact with some body to help me, i am in the california/ san jose, and i lost my family about 5 years ago and they thinking i die plz help me to find them ...i knoe they're in afghanistan but i could not find any contact with afghanistan jamatkhana.
this is my email adress if u can help me about this subject plz back to me ( geeta.mohammadi @ yahoo.com)



Jamatkhana near Direct Energy Centre

Yam all,
Please can anyone help with the address of a Jamatkhana near this address?
Direct Energy Centre, 100 Princess BOulevard, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3.
If you can also me with some person who may be able to help a new immigrant to Canada find a temporary accomodation (for about 3 weeks), it would be really great. Thank you.

Location of JK

I went to this JK on Friday evening (dark) for a funeral ceremony and could not locate it. I finally gave up driving from Sheppard to Steeles on Bayview, looking for this JK and after trying to call family members on location of this JK but realizing they were also at JK! I then realized after getting home that it may have been on Leslie, as I went to this JK about 3 years ago! If this JK will be at this location much longer, then it is better to have the name reflecting the street to avoid confusion for occasional visitors and newcomers to our province and country! Please reconsider naming it Leslie JK to avoid this confusion.....unless there is a a good reason for still calling it Bayview JK.

Thank You.

Bayview JK.


Name of JK

I went on Bayview looking for this JK for a funeral ceremony on Friday night (dark). I had not been to this JK for 3 years, so I forgot it was on Leslie and always wondered why it was called Bayview!! That night I went from Sheppard to Steeles on Bayview and could not find it - I also tried calling family members but they were at JK also!

I think it is time to rename it Leslie JK since it has been there all these years especially for those who visit it occasionally. If this JK will be in this location for much longer, then please reconsider calling it Leslie JK so there are no
more of us wondering why it is on Leslie Ave. And for those newcomers to our province and country!!

Thank You.

Need to join the relegion of Ismaili

Any body help me for joining the ismaili jamat in the world? please reply me i am waiting.

Atif Atta

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