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Niagara Falls Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada


5175 Dumouchelle StreetNiagara Falls, Ontario



What time is 1st dua tonight @niagra falls khane?

New Burnswick j.k?

Is three any jamatkhana in newbrunswick

There is one in St John,

There is one in St John, this is not the appropriate section for this question. You can find the address on

Is there any JK in

Is there any JK in St.Catherines Ontario? If there is please let me know.


Ya Ali Madad

There is Jamat Khana in Niagara-on-the-lake not too far from St Catherines.

Airport Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON it's very close to Automotive warehouse.


347 airport road unit no 1
Niagara on the lake

0730 Mon - Thurs
0745 Fri
0700 Sat- Sun
9056415781 JK phone number

The info is accurate. I Just called the Ontario council

Is JK at Niagara open Dec. 31,11?

YAM and happy New Year : )

No one has answered me yet?

Re: khane location and contact info and time of dua on saturdays.
May I please hear from someone. Anyone.....?

Niagara Falls Khane Dua time on Saturdays & Contact Info for M/K

Ya Ali Madad:

Can you pls. confirm khane adress and dua time on Saturdays and if I can have M/K contact info.

5175 Dumouchelle

5175 Dumouchelle StreetNiagara Falls, Ontario?

I don't think that's correct.

Does anyone know the address?

Finding the JK

Hello there.

I am Rizwan Gilani come down from India Hyderabad staying in St. Catherines Downtown as my college is located on the lake and i am finding difficulties to get the jamatkhana..i found the address for on the lake but ppl have no knowledge about the address when i ask ppl here in niagara.If some one can help me getting the jk that would be of great help and i would really appreciate.

I can be reached through my E-mail as i have not taken the # yest so my E-mail address is rizwangilani13@gmail.com.



Is there a JK in Niagra Falls, NY, USA ?

Contact info

What is the telephone number for Niagara Falls Jamatkhana, please?


what is the telephone number for the jamatkhana in Niagara Falls?

Phone # 905-641-5781 JK Niagara on the Lake

347 Airport Rd.
Niagara on the lake, ON, L0S 1J0
Normally starts at 19:30

the correct addres for niagrafalls

it is 375 airport road.

Is this still the address,

Is this still the address, and is this the khane open during the week?

the new address is 347

the new address is 347 Airport Rd, Niagara on the Lake


347 Airport Road
Niagara on the Lake, ON, L0S 1J0
Phone: 905-641-5781

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