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Phoenix Jamatkhana, Arizona , United States of America


2150 E. Highland Rd.Phone: (602) 224-9525


Residents of Masaka, Uganda

I live between PHX and NYC. I am a Gujarati but non-Ismaili. Currently I am in Phoenix and would like to know if there are any former Masaka, Uganda Ismaili residents in Phoenix. I have many Ismaili friends in Canada who are originally from Masaka. Since lot of Canadian have moved to Phoenix, I thought I should try with you first. Kindly revert. My number is 602-626-7511

Dua Time and days JK is open

I will be in Phoenix Jan 17 to 24th 2014. Please provide me with the above information so that I may attend JK every day

Phoenix Jamat Khana address & dua timing

Ya Ali Madad to all my name is Farooq Noorali
Phoenix Jamat Khana address:
2150 E. Highland Ave, Phoenix AZ 85016
Dua timing on
weekdays 7:30pm
Friday 8:00 pm
Weekend 7:00 pm
Morning jk on weekend only starting from 3:40am to 5:30 am
Further questions call me on (602) 349-3612
Thanks with Ya Ali Madad

hello,i am an exchange

i am an exchange student and i really want to go to jamat khana, please send me detail about the timings.
thank you.

kiranjawaid14 [at] yahoo.com

Dua Timing For Friday

I will be In Phoenix on 16th August and wanted to know Dua Timing. Please Email me info at rsamji@bullchicks.com thank you and YAM.



Phoenix JK

Is Jamatkhana open 7 days a week in the morning and evening? and what are the timings please.
Thank you very much!
817 223 4314
PS: Prompt reply is requested!!!

Dua Time


What time does dua start on weekdays/weekends at this khane?


Yam - Vacation rental?

Yam everyone, I will be in Phoenix Arizona for 2 weeks in march and I'm looking to rent a place for the 2 week period. If anyone knows a place I can rent for that 2 week period, please let me know! There will 6 of us. 4 adults and 2 kids. Yam!!!

Moving to Phoenix

YAM, I am planning on moving year end, beginning of 2013 to Phoenix. I attend(ed) Kansas City Kansas khani. I would appreciate a valid telephone number to your khani. Shukriya. terri.mitha [at] yahoo.com

Kansas City JK Address


Please provide me the Address of the Kansas City Jamathkhana as i will be i will visiting later this month. My email address is ahmadjetha at yahoo.com.


AZ Jamatkhana

The address listed here is correct.

The JamatKhana is located on ground floor in an office location. One has to look for lot with many cars.

Somehow the phone number listed here is not valid or no one responds to the call. I will try to get a phone number from Mukhi Saheb and post it later.
Jamat is around 150, very friendly and welcoming

Hope you find the place and visit the jamatkhana in AZ some time
Ya Ali Madad

Jamatkhana near Scotsdale


I am in AZ for a short term project in Scottsdale. Want to visit the JK on Friday. Is the address of JK correct?
Please advice - sufi.hami@gmail.com
Thank you

Yes it is

Yes it is

Confirm address of Jamat Khana? Days open? And dua time?

We are family of 4 coming from Calgary, Alberta will be visiting Phoenix from June 21st to June 26th would love to visit Jamat Khana if possible? Just need to confirm the address. Your help on this matter is really appreciated!

Thank you and Ya Ali Madat!

Shariff Family

PHX JK address

Yes the address is 2150 E Highland Ave Phoenix, AZ 85016-4718 Ph: (602)2249525

Jamat Khana Days and times of dua.

We are visiting Phoenix from 28th March 2012 to 3rd April 2012, please let me know days J.K. is open and times for first dua, will appreciate your quick reply. Is the above address correct ?, please confirm.

Thank you,

Is this the correct

Is this the correct address?! Drove an hour to get there, found the address but there was nothing there - we got there at 7:30 pm. on Friday. What time is Dua? Also found on our GPS an address for an Ismailia Culture Centre, but there was nothing there. We plan to visit again next year, would somebody please update the address on google. Thanks very much.


Is this correct address? Can someone please email me at navrin2010@gmail.com. Thank you!

Phoenix JK address

I also need to know if this is the correct address....2150 E Highland Rd. I plan to be there next month and want to make sure.

yes it is

yes it is

Dont see any one at 7 PM on friday

I am at the location on friday at 7 PM but i don't see anyone in the jamatkahana, can please someone send me the dua timings. At vasimnathani1 [at] gmail.com or call at 678-786-9470.
Thanks and YAM

Timings and address for Phoenix jamatkhana

Y A M i am in Phoenix, can u please email me the dua timings and the correct address with room number for the jamat khana.
Thank you

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