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Santa Monica Jamatkhana, California , United States of America


3350 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone: (310) 399-6660


Sacramento Jamatkhana Address and Dua Time.

Closest Jamatkhana is near Roseville, CA. It is approximately 20-30 minutes from Sacramento. The full adress is: 9089 Foothills Boulevard, Suite 970, Roseville, CA.

Weekdays: 7:30 Dua time.
Weekends: 7:00 Dua time.

Ya Ali Madad.

Closest jk to Anaheim

I will be visiting California later this month. I will be staying in garden grove/ Anaheim area. Is there a jk around there and is it open everyday? And what times?

moving to mountain view

Hi I am from Pakistan moving to mountain view , California for my studies . Firstly i wanted to ask about the nearest JK if someone could guide me on that . Secondly I will be also looking for a place to live . Thankyou

Milpitas Jamatkhana


The closest Jamatkhana to you will be the Milpitas Jamatkhana. Here's the address:

224 Great Mall Pkwy, Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: (408) 262-7325

You'll be able to talk to Ismaili's there and get recommendations for places to live in. I would also suggest using craigslist for this. Lastly, you should join the Bay Area Ismaili's group on FB for more information:


JK in Fremont and staying & work require

This is Shahil Maredia I have come to USA from India for my MBA my university name is Northwestern Polytechnic University and it is located at 47671 westinghouse dr, fremont.

i am new to this place and i dont have any relative in california. i m looking for jamatkhana near fremont and staying facility and also looking for a job to complete my education expenses.

please help me out.
my contact number is 8322762184


Hi, my daughter has a rotation at UCLA from Aug 24 to Sept 13. She needs a place to stay. We would really appreciate any help in finding her a safe place as close to UCLA as possible. If you can also provide Mukhi sahebs contact information that would be great. Please email me at shellina7 [at] @msn.com. Thank you so much!

jamatkhana in okland san francisco bay

we live in south carolina would like to know about jamatkhana in okland bay area we are planing to move.


I am an Ismaili of Afghanistan and worked with US military force in our country and because of the threats that i experienced during my career with US force I got the chance to apply for US citizenship, and I don't have any known person in US without our Jamat people, so I need a address in where I receive my permanent residence card,
Your kind help will be highly appreciate.

Brother... We have many

Brother... We have many Afghan family in our community here in the US. However, In Southern California, in they County of Los Angles, San Fernando Valley in the City of Northridge California we have currently at least three residing family.
Another alternative is that we also have some Family Phoenix Arizona.
If you have done your research and if you like any of these cities, the above information should be enough for now.
Question call 818 477 7202

planing to move to California

Hi yam,
I m planning to move from Texas to California, can someone help me with the information, as my friend also wants to settle..,.... Plz reply ... As fast as u can. My phone number is 7139921448.

JK near Anaheim

Closest JK is Orange county Jk:

Address: 17965 SkyPark circle,
Irvine, CA 92614

Dua is usually at 8pm weekday and 7pm weekends. Its little tricky to find JK as it's not on the main road. Please call JK little before dua timings at 949-756-1151 and some one will guide you. Hope this helps.

JK closest to Anaheim

we are visiting LA and would like to know which is the nearest JK to anaheim - disney land area. Also, please advise the timings and the easy way to reach there to and fro. Also, if some one call send their number would be nice to speak and get info.

Please email kashif134@hotmail.com

Closest JK is Orange county

Closest JK is Orange county Jk:

Address: 17965 SkyPark circle,
Irvine, CA 92614

Dua is usually at 8pm weekday and 7pm weekends. Its little tricky to find JK as it's not on the main road. Please call JK little before dua timings at 949-756-1151 and some one will guide you. Hope this helps.

Moving to LA

Hi, my name is Sumeira Ali , I am 16 & an Australian citizen. I am looking for an accommodation with Ismaili girls in LA, California. Can anyone please advice me for the accommodation cost (per week) & cost of schooling. Please contact me on mithani@rocketmail.com or +61430320809

Hello french Ismaili

Hello, i come from Paris and i will come in L.A on 22 October 2013 for a month. I am looking for some friends and a job like waitress or babysitting. My email is sophie.goulam [at] gmail.com tks for help :))


I am an Ismaili from Vancouver, BC; originally from Tanzania. Presently in Los Angeles, looking for housing in exchange for household chores and duties, since I have no money to rent. Consequently, looking for a job also-but need steady housing first. Anywhere in Los Angeles is fine-preferably LA Proper, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City, Venice, Santa Monica, Culver City, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park, or anywhere in between! Very flexible.
Would appreciate it very much.
Please email or call.
mohibjivan [at] yahoo.com

ps--references available upon request.

Sacramento Jamatkhana

Yaa Ali Madad,

I am recently moved to Sacramento for my job.
I would really appreciate is someone can let me know if there is any Jamatkhana in Sacramento or close to Sacramento.

Thank You!


Hi I am an ismaili from Pakistan and i havev come to Sacramento CA for my studies. could you please help me find jamat khana over here if you were able to find one in this locality. at the moment i am living in howe avenue. please guide me if thee is a JK around.


Jamatkhana in roseville,

Jamatkhana in roseville, 9089 foothills boulevard suite 970 roseville,



Check out the link.
There are Jamat Khana in Santa Monica,Torrance, Milpitas,Northridge,
San Diego

Google for the closest one

Address for santa monica:
3350 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Need Help Relocating


I am an IT Professional from NY. I have to relocate to LA next week. If any one can assist me or give me Mukhisabeb's No. Very much Appreciated.
Please email me at hadwani.nabila [at] gmail.com.


Are there morning services at Santa Clara JK?

Are there morning services at Santa Clara JK?

Contact Info


I was wondering if I could be connected with the Mukhi Saheb or Kamadia Saheb of Santa Monica Khane. You can email me with nawaazj [at] gmail.com

Lo Angeles

Hello can someone guide me to a Jk we are staying in Westwood near ucla
Can someone tell me the closest Jk that we can go to on Friday
Thanks a lot

locating old friends

Ya Ali Madad,

Can anyone assist me? I am trying to locate Aftab Ismael (formerly partner with Riordan and McKenzie) and his wife Shaliza.

Aziz (architect) and Tasnim Bottwalla, Mukhtar and Shakkar (children Temur and Wahid)-brother Sikander/Mushtaq.

I would be grateful if you could forward my email address on to them or provide me theirs

many thanks in advance

Sajjadrahmano1 [at] gmail.com

Aaftab Esmail

Did you find Aaftab?

Is the same one from Kenya and has brothers, Naheed and Ijaaz?
No idea what he does. We were friends as kids and have lost all contact.

Please forward any info you may have to rosy.gilani [at] gmail.com

Thanks and Ya Ali Madad.

Closest Khane to West Hollywood area


Visiting LA and my family will be staying in West Hollywood. Can anyone tell me what the closest Jamatkhana is to that area?

Thank you!

Searching for a carpool in Anaheim to JK

Ya Ali Madad

Hi I am Aquil, currently working in Anaheim, CA. I am a student and looking forward to carpool or join any jamati from Anaheim to attend the prayers during Khusyali held on 11th July. If anyone can help me out with this or can provide me the details of nearest jamatkhana, it would be really helpful.


Searching for a carpool in Anaheim to JK

Ya Ali Madad

Hi I am Aquil, currently working in Anaheim, CA. I am a student and looking forward to carpool or join any jamati from Anaheim to attend the prayers during Khusyali held on 11th July. If anyone can help me out with this or can provide me the details of nearest jamatkhana, it would be really helpful.


Searching for a carpool in Anaheim to JK

hi aquil

sorry for the late reply, lemme know if u still in need of the ride.
i live in anaheim too.

Jamat Khana

Ya Ali Madat,

I was wondering if you can help me. I am visiting LA and an staying in the Long Beach area. I would like to attend Jamat Khana. Is it possible to tell me which Jamat Khana would be closest and if you have MukhiSahebs number?

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank You,



In LA, wanting to go to JK....Is it open on weekdays??
(Santa Monica)

Yes it is open daily Dua

Yes it is open daily

Dua Times:

Monday-Thursday: 7.30 PM
Friday: 8PM
Saturday & Sunday: 7 PM

JK Closest to Anaheim

Looking for the JK closest to Anaheim (Disneyland). Visiting for the weekend and have little kids. Thanks. YAM.

reply regarding OC jk address

Its in Irvine

Address is
17965 Skypark Circle

Irvine JK

YAM - visiting with family from Canada. Is Irvine JK daily?


Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Your Excellencies,
Your Worship,
Distinguished Scholars,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank you most warmly for setting aside the time from your busy schedules to help guide my way to becoming ismaili.

My first realization about the muslim religion was years ago when I was studying the muslim religion my senior year in college, it was always something that touched my heart. Is I studied more and more on the different types of muslims, I came acroos the ismaili religion. I was inspired by its beliefs and how Ismaili followed the descendants of Imam Ismail and still follow up to the present day, the present Imam of Ismaili beeing Prince Kareem Agha Khan who is the forty -ninth descendant from the fourth caliph, Ali) and how Ismaili men and women pray in a joint session, how Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; His light is as a nice in which is a lamp, and the lamp is in a glass, the glass is as though it were a glittering star; it is lite from a blessed tree, an Olive neither of east nor of the west, the oil of which would well-night give light though no fire touched it,-light upon light;-Allah guides to his light whom he pleases; and Allah strikes out parables for men; and Allah all things both know.Allah Alone Knows best and he is my Only source of Strength for me wherever i turn there is the face of Allah.

About 6 months ago I fell verry ill and was in the hospital for 8 days where I had an muslim docter he sat by my side and prayed with me every day. One morning I had a dream in which I saw my self sitting near the feet of Allah and he was smiling back at me, I cryed for 2 days and knew that this was right path for me, (All Praise is due to Allah Alone, who has had Mercy on me and guided me to the deen of Truth. I have full conviction and a strong belief that Ismaili is the true religion of God, I have had my eys open with the ismaili faith I believed that his higness prince karim Aga khan is true imam from hazrat muhammad (peace be upon him) family.There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and Ali, the commander of the faithful, is from Allah.2 weeks after I got out of the hospitel my family contacted me and asked me to move from NY to AZ. I put my faith in allah and packed up everything and moved to AZ 3 days after I moved I was fortunate enough to meet an Ismaili friend that helped me on my journey to becoming Ismaili by the grace of Allah. I first began to learn the du`aa, wudu, educating myself about the Ismaili beliefs,and I was also directed to the Qur'aan after reading it for several days, it brought me even closer with Allah and made me relize that my desishon to convert to Ismaili was the right path for me, the path that allah has choosen for me. Allah is the protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness, he will lead them forth into light. It is my sincere hope that you will consider to help guide me on my path to serve Allah’s creation. May Allah help me, guide me, and allow me the opportunity to work in his Cause.

Thank You
Keira Aviles

Orange County

Does anyone have the address for JK in the OC? Thank you in advance.

hello does anyone know if

hello does anyone know if they have rec at santa monica jk. I am moving to burbank to study makeup and fashion, and wanted to help out in rec?


They have REC classes on Saturdays, not sure if every Saturday.

REC at Santa Monica Jamatkhana

Yes, there is REC at Santa Monica Jamatkhana every Saturday

Visiting Los Angeles

My wife and myself are visiting Los Angeles and seek some guidance as to where to stay that will make it easy to see the attractions like Chinese Theatre, etc
We will be renting a car and drive to San Disego and return to LA and stay for a couple of nights
Any help will be appreciated

A student JK in San Francsco?

Does anyone know if theres a student JK in any of the universities in the Bay Area? Ive just moved here to study and Alameda is a bit far off to travel at night via public transit. Trying to find an alternate solution.

Jamatkhana in Santa Monica CA

Can anyone give me the right address of the above Jamatkhana
We are visiting LA and went to an address that I got on the website and it happened to be
the wrong address
3360 Ocean Park Blvd

It's not wrong the jamat

It's not wrong the jamat khana is in an office building so its a little hard to find look out for the people coming in and volunteers at dua time it will help

Does anyone know of any

Does anyone know of any jamatkhanas that exist in san francisco. Im moving there to study and can find anything remotely nearby.


San Francisco Jamatkhana

The closest jamatkhana to San Francisco is across the Bay Bridge in Alameda (an island next to Oakland, CA). About 20 minutes away without traffic.

Alameda Ismaili Center
815 Atlantic ave
Alameda ca 94501
tel 510 865-6128

M-Th Dua time 7:30pm
Fridays: 8pm
Sat and Sun: 7pm

Hope this helps.

asking about jk

dear i am new student at city college of san francisco i wana to be came at jamatkhana what is the distance between from college to jkand what are the routes please help me

Wedding Coordinator

Do you have a name of the wedding coordinator who is responsible for this khane?

Hello, There are three in


There are three in the Bay Area: Marin County being the smallest, Alameda is slightly larger, and Santa Clara is near Fremont has 500+.

Location of Orange County Khane

Hi there I am from Vancouver Canada and staying in Anaheim, I wanted to know the location of the Orange County khane, please let me know thanks.

to find JK

hi i am azeem from india....i came here in fullerton CA for doin my masters ...cn any1 plz guide me with the nearby JK.....i heard that orange city JK is the nearest 1 so plz guide me the way for that and what bus or any other means i ll be getting to go there...........

Jamatkhana Location

Is there any Jamatkhana near Richmond District San Francisco


I live in Long Beach, CA
Does anyon know if there is a jamat khane in Long Beach?

Jamat Khanna in Torrance

There is a Jamat Khana in Torrance on Del Amo Ave. It is 9-10miles from Long Beach Downtown.

help to find jamatkhana

yaa ali madad,
i m a student residing in sacramento, california............ can anybody plz inform me whether there is jamatkhana in sacramento........ if yes then can u plz give me the address..........


Hi Averroes,

My name is Sohil and I am a student at Sac State. I dont know the exact address but we used to go jamatkhana every Friday. You can contact me by email. my email address is sohil_er@yahoo.com

Yaa Ali Madad.

Corrected address.

Please note that the address is 3350 Ocean Park Boulevard and not 3360 as currently published.

Santa Monica JK Address

Look for 3360 Ocean Park Boulevard - JK will be opposite the El Torito Grill.

Hours for JK

Ya Ali Madat,
We are visiting from out of town and are wondering if services are held everyday at the JK on Ocean Park Boulevard?
We have tried the number but there is no answer.


Shane Lalji

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