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Buffalo Jamatkhana, New York, United States of America


There is no Jamatkhana in

There is no Jamatkhana in Buffalo,NY. Nearest would be Niagara Falls, Canada.

JK in Buffalo, NY?

Can anyone confirm if there's any JK in Buffalo, NY?

JK Buffalo

to my knowledge they come to Niagara falls Ontario.For Baitul Ilm they come to Hamilton

No JK is in Buffalo

I was misguided by the address previously mentioned on your web site and drove there but unfortunately it was not jk but "Ismailia Tample". I don't which community it was belongs to but definately not for Ismailies.

Jamat Khana in Buffalo, NY

Is there a Jamat Khana in Buffalo? We are here for a few weeks, and I wanted to know if there is one in the area.

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