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Sugarland Jamatkhana, Texas, United States of America


The NEW Sugarland Jamatkhana is on 11.5 acres of property on
phone number is (713) 348 4536


Relocating to Houston!!!

Yaa Ali Madad,
Hope this message finds everyone in good health.
I'm planning to visit Houston in the next few weeks for a couple of days. My intention is to check out the place, surroundings, job prospects, Ismaili community, Jk's.
Would appreciate if someone, a Houston [Sugarland] native, could advise me of apartment facilities around HPC Jk & job prospects. If possible, reach me directly at azim198@hotmail.com.
A quick and positive response would be very much appreciated.

Guidance for a new comer in Houston

Ya Ali Madad,
I will be visiting Houston. I need the correct address of all Jamatkhanas and contact details. I also require an economic and affordable paying guest facility for my stay near Jamatkhana or in good surrounding.
I also need some honest guidance for a newcomer Ismaili regarding studying and jobs.
Please mail me the details to aziz.chamadia@gmail.com

Name of Jamatkhana

Kindly note the name of the jamatkhana is not Sugar Land Jamatkhana; it is Houston Principal Jamatkhana. There is a Sugar Land Jamatkhana but that is on Corporate Drive.

assisted living

Wondering if there is any kind of Ismaili senior housing for a male member, 66 years old requiring some assistance anywhere in the Sugarland or surrounding areas.

Correct Address

The correct address is 1700 First Colony Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77479


address for sugar land jamatkhana is 1700 FIREST COLONY BLVD SUGAR LAND TX 77479 phone number is (713) 348 4536

Zip code

Please include Zip Code with address of Sugarland Jamatkhana.It is very important for visitors from overseas.

Thank you,




Phoned the number to find out opening times...

I phoned.

A gentleman replied. I told him who I was and where I
came from and then another man came on line and
bombarded me with several questions at the same time
in an accent that is totally foreign to me and spoke
so fast that I could hardly keep up with him.

I told him that I wanted to know the opening times of
the JK since I was visiting here and wanted to attend
Sugarland JK.

He was very rude and questioned me as to whether I was really
an Ismaili or not and that he needed to know where I came from
to verify that I was an Ismaili, before he could give me any info.
This made me a bit frustrated.

I told him that I was an Ismaili and I wanted to go to the JK
and that is why I had phoned this number.
He told me that it was not enough and that I must prove
that I was an Ismaili.
How can one do that?
I told him that I am an Ismaili and even have been a Mukhi at
one time, but he said that I must prove that I am an Ismaili.

I got very annoyed and told him not to question my faith.
It, sadly was a reaction due to my umpteen attempts to
be able to talk to someone on these telephone lines, and
subsequent failures due to the person on the other side
hanging up as soon as one started to speak.

Now, since when have our Ismaili brethren started scrutinising
other Ismailis, and on what authority?
How can one prove on a phone-line that one is an Ismaili, since
one has already greeted the person with "Ya Ali Madad"?
And, also told the person that one has been a Mukhi before.

Why are these people so impolite? I phoned another JK before this
and twice the lady hung up on me after the greeting of "Ya Ali Madad"
and as soon as I spoke to ask about the JK times.
What is the matter with the people answering the phones in the
Jamati Institution offices in Houston?

I am saddened by such behaviour by Ismailis towards the visiting Ismailis.
We are strangers and your guests. Please treat us with some due respect.

One just wonders, where we ismailies are heading. Despite Mowla's
firmans to respect each other and be humble and helpful.

I hope that when I make dua, the Mukhisaheb will not ask me for the
proof that I am an Ismaili. Because, come what may, I am going to
try and attend the JK for my duas.
This whether the Ismailis in Houston like it or not.
Mowla's home is for all of us, even if we
come from somewhere else.

Thank you.

Humbly yours,

A. Alibhai


Iam very sad to know. I really apologize for all this behavior and u really apologize from all ismaili brothers and sisters.jamatkhana is for every ismaili.

Very nice

hi i am from arkansas and will be leaving for texas tommorow and i totally agree with u

thank you for reading

Sugar Land jamatkhana time

Dua time Monday-Thursday is 7pm. Friday is at 7:30pm. Saturday and Sunday is at 6:30pm.

Sugarland JK

This Dua times are for HPC Sugarlland. For Sugarland Jamatkhana timing are Monday-Thursdayis 7.30pm. Friday
is 8.00pm and Saturday and Sunday is 7.00pm

No, the previous commenter,

No, the previous commenter, Rehan, has the correct times listed:

"Dua time Monday-Thursday is 7pm. Friday is at 7:30pm. Saturday and Sunday is at 6:30pm."

Sugarland jk

In Sugar land, Texas , there are two JKs, one is called Sugar Land jk, located on corporate drive, and another is called HPC also known as Principal Jk on First Colony Blvd.
Dua Timing for Sugar land Jk is
Mon to Thurs. 7:30 pm
Fri. 8:00 pm
Sat and Sun 7:00 pm

Hpc timings are 30 mins sooner than Sugar land Jk timings...

Note HPC jk is also in Sugar land but not called Sugarland jk.
Hope this clarifies

information and help

Hello yam...i want to know how many jks are there in houston.... 1 of my frnd lives near standclicks jamatkhana i hv no idea the name of the jamatkhana is right or wrong sorry if i hd made a mistake...i cald him sevral tym but he is not going to help me.... m in india n my husband is in dallas so he want to migrate to houstan... so i just want to ask about the proper address of standclicks jk... n if ny 1 can help my husband for the job purpose il realy appreciate frm the bottom of my heart....if ny of them cn mail me soninz20@yahoo.com ...about job vacancies in houstan n their num or any ismaili whu cn help my husbnd to get job pls gve contact details..il b vry thankfull... i m realy in a need of tht plss help.... thankyou


I will attend morning JK tomorrow at HPC .

Jamatkhana Images from United States of America

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