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Berlin Jamatkhana, Germany


Forum Factory
10969 Berlin
Shainaz Buggle (Mukhianima)
Ameen Hassan (Kamadia)

E Mail Mukhianima: shainazbuggle@icloud.com
Tel: Nr. +49 162 2933288

KM Ameen Hassan’s number +49 1514 4232654.
Dua time: 6:00pm (Saturday) (Sunday)

New Dua Time From 10th June 2017
Dua time: 7:00pm (Saturday & Sunday


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New Dua Time 2018 by Zeea Patel (not verified)
Searching for ismaili community by Arage Ali (not verified)
New Dua Time from 10th June 2017 by Zeea Patel (not verified)
Dua Timing Changed by Patel (not verified)
New Dua Timing by Zeea (not verified)
Jamatkhana Timing changed by Patel (not verified)
New Jamatkhana Timing by Patel (not verified)
New Jamatkhana Timing by Zeea (not verified)
Anwar Sahi MK Berlin E by librarian-umed
New Jamatkhana Adress From 08-jan-2016 by Zeea patel (not verified)
New Jamatkhana Address 2015 by Zeea Patel (not verified)
New Address of Jamatkhana Berlin by Patel (not verified)
seeking asylum by zahiruddin (not verified)
Dua Timing needed by Shoaib (not verified)
Munich Jamat Khana by aftab (not verified)
JK in munich by Mehdi (not verified)
No JK in Vienna by Shan Mahmood (not verified)
JK in Vienna by Sairose Kassam (not verified)
Address of Jamaatkhana Berlin by Gul Nigor (not verified)
Dua time by Zaheed (not verified)
help YAM by hadi abo aljadayel (not verified)
Jamat Khana in Munich by Shoaib (not verified)
hello by fakhruddin amiri (not verified)
help by faranak (not verified)
i need help to fine Jamatkhans by enayatullah (not verified)
information by zamir (not verified)
Want to visit Jamatkhana by Zamir, Rasouli (not verified)
Vienna JK by Hafeez (not verified)
Ya ali madad by Maryam (not verified)
Regarding visit to Berlin Jamatkhana by Sujay Charania (not verified)
Ya Ali Mamad!New Address of by Gul Nigor (not verified)
New Address of Jamaatkhan by Gul Nigor (not verified)
berlin jk by khurram (not verified)
Majority of the Jamat in Berlin by Amin (not verified)
want contact number of Berlin Jamatkhana by Nuruddin (not verified)
JK in Munich by Rahim (not verified)
Badakhshan, Tajikistan in trouble by Aslam (not verified)
Jamatkhana in Bad Sal Zuflan,,,,,,,? by Malik (not verified)
Need your Help by Ijaz (not verified)
JK in Munich by Murad Ali (not verified)
search Jamatkhane by Omar Klein (not verified)
Russia JK? by Simi (not verified)
Ismailie from Mumbai Yuwan Jamatakhana Bandra. Mumbai India. by Shiraz Aziz babwani (not verified)
Misuses of the information by saleem (not verified)
In case you want to visit by amjad (not verified)
vienna jk by aaliya (not verified)
Contacts in Dusseldorf by Raziya Jessa (not verified)
no in germany by zameer (not verified)
Jamatkhana in Munich by Shaunak Bhayani (not verified)
hi by Alam khan (not verified)
hi by Alam khan (not verified)
Jamatkhana by Sherali Lakhani (not verified)
JK in Dusseldorf by znoorali (not verified)
Hello by Nekruz (not verified)
Hello Mohnura by Nekruz (not verified)
Jamatkhana by Ismail (not verified)
Jamatkhana in Austria by Faisal (not verified)
Request by Nekruz Sharipov (not verified)
ismaili in Leipzig by aftab (not verified)
ya Ali madad by shah jahan (not verified)
I am Mohnura from the by Mohnura (not verified)
PAmiR by Osib (not verified)
salam sab ismiliyoon ko by shahjahan70 (not verified)
new Jamatkhana adress by Nazir Ahmad (not verified)
new Jamatkhana adress by Nazir Ahmad (not verified)
this is nazir from hunza. i by nazir (not verified)
berlin jamat khana new address by shah jahan (not verified)
i want to go jamat khana for duwa by shahjahan (not verified)

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