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Berlin Jamatkhana, Germany


Forum Factory
10969 Berlin
Shainaz Buggle (Mukhianima)
Ameen Hassan (Kamadia)

E Mail Mukhianima: shainazbuggle@icloud.com
Tel: Nr. +49 162 2933288

KM Ameen Hassan’s number +49 1514 4232654.
Dua time: 6:00pm (Saturday) (Sunday)

New Dua Time From 10th June 2017
Dua time: 7:00pm (Saturday & Sunday



YA Ali Madad!

We ismaili from Pamir work and we live in the Russian Federation St.-Petersburg
Dagieva Ishqiya a citizen Tajikistan
Fayzulloev Osib the citizen of the Russian Federation

With the conclusion of marriage on new ismaili to wedding,
I address to YOU with the request to inform us about rules and time the conclusion of marriage.
At us very strong desire the conclusion of marriage occured one of jamoatkhona the Europe.

Your sincerely
O. Fayzulloev

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