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Montreux Jamatkhana, Switzerland


Rue de l' Eglise Catholique 121820 Montreux, Switzerland
Dua: Every Friday at 7:15pm


Jamat Khana in Geneva

I belong Lahore Central Jammat khana, Pakistan. Currently, i moved to Como, Italy for my higher studies but unfortunately i am unable to find any Jammat khana near my surroundings. Como is very close to Switzerland hence i am planning to go there for "Khushali" (13 December). I would be very great full if you can help me in locating address of Jammat Khana along with some contact person in Switzerland. Thanking you in anticipation.

Looking to get familiar with Ismailis and a Ismaili Jamatkhana

Hello ,

Yaa ali madad.

I would like to get familiar with Ismailis in Switzerland.
I am here till december 2014 for work, and would like to visit the Jamatkhana once.

Can Someone help me with the same?

Thanks & Regards,
Riyaz Salim Dodhia
Sr.Engineer - System Administrator, Mainframe Storage Services
Computer Sciences Corporation India Pvt Ltd
+919176888565 || riyaz_ams [at] ymail.com || rdodhia [at] csc.com
LinkedIn : in.linkedin.com/pub/riyaz-s-dodhia/52/109/572/

Geneva Jamatkhana

I am travelling to Geneva shortly and would like to visit the new Geneva Jamatkhana. Please may I have the contact details of the Mukhi / Kamdia?
Thank you
karim [at] karimabad.co.uk


Ya Ali madad,
I am searching for a Jamaatkhane in Switzerland or in Germany,
Would you please let me know if there is any by details?
I look forward to hearing from you,
Best regards,

Jamatkhana Zurich

YAM, there is jamatkhana being held every month in Zurich. I can send you details by email.

Zurich JK

I will be in Zurich on 13th Dec 2014. Could you please email me JK address and timing on aminasahcin [at] gmail.com?


Jamat khana in Zurich

YAM. U mentioned there's khane in Zurich on last sun of each month. I will be there towards end of July for a visit. Please advise me address and dua time. Thank you. Jasmine

JamatKhana in Switzerland, Germany or Austria.

I am from Austria, and would like to know the current address of Zurich JK. Can you please provide me with the information. Contact: shan.mali [at] yahoo.com. Thank you.

Zurich JK

Can you plse forward me info on the JK in Zurich plse, as we will be there towards the end of May. My email address is alalsaad [at] gmail.com

Jamaatkhane address

Ya Ali Madad,
I would like to have the address and loction of Jamaatkhane in zurich,
I am student in Konstanz (Germany)
I look forward to hearing from you,
(my email address is : parisa200455 [at] yahoo.com)
Best Regards,

Address for the Jamat Khana


I am Saira from Weggis, Luzern. I want to attend the Jamat Khana. Could you please give me the address so that i can attend for Navroz.


Zürich JK

asaif10 [at] gmail.com - address and Dua timings please. Thank you.

Is this Jamatkhana still open?

YAM everyone,

I am studying in Zurich and I decided to visit the Montreux JK yesterday (Friday, Feb. 28). I found the building and confirmed that this was the location of the khane but there were no jamati services yesterday. I waited between 6:50 and 8:00 pm yet no one else arrived. I would really appreciate it if anyone could let me know if this khane is still open. Also, I read in one of the comments below about a khane in Zurich being held one Sunday of the month; I would appreciate any more information about this as well. My email address is nauman.sohani [at] yahoo.com.

Thank you and YAM.

visiting jk in switzerland

Yam. My name is zohra and I am here in zurich for next 4 days n wanted to visit jk tomo I.e. friday. Zurich to montreux is quite a distance and hence would like if somebody cud escort me. Incase anybody working in zurich and plan to go jk tomo, I can get along with her / him on train or bus n can return on my own. Else incase anyones contact number who cud help me. Thx.

Geneva JK

Hi, I am in Geneva for the semester and would like to know where the closest JK is.

Thank you,

address of geneva JK

does anyone know the address of Geneva Jamatkhana.

many thanks for letting me know.

exact locationof swistzerland jamat khana

dear all
i Ammoving to switzerland for my higher education.I am looking for the exact location of jamatkhana near laussane.can anyone guide me.
thank you

Khane in Montreux

Dear All,
Ya Ali Madad. I study in Switzerland, and I have been to the Khane in Montreux a couple of times. I don't think there is a khane in Zurich, however I may be wrong. The address listed above is correct and if you go to the main train station in Montreux, it is only a ten minute walk from there. If you are new to the city, you can just show the address to any taxi driver and they will drop you there. The Khane is in a building with a grayish door and there are many buildings very similar all around that area, so it may be hard at first to find it. I doubt this was helpful, but good luck and if I can be of any assistance, you can email me on nafisavelji@hotmail.com.

Hello, I have noticed many

Hello, I have noticed many people are asking the same question I am about to... Is there a JK in Zurich?
Any help or info would be much appreciated. Please e-mail me at renuka@renmer.co.uk

JK in Zurich/Basel

Zurich/Basel JK was officiated on July 11, 2011. We meet usually on last Sunday of month in Zurich, or else at private homes in Zurich or Basel.

location of zurich jk

Ya ali madad i will be coming to zurich on 17th sept and i wanted to attend chandrat can someone please guide me if theres a jk in zurich and its address please ,THANKS

JK in Zurich?

I will be Zurich from Dec 09th to Dec 12th. Is JK in Montreux the closest JK from Zurich (seems like it is 2 hours away from Zurich). Is that right or did I miss something?

Jamat Khane in Switzerland - Montreaux

YAM. I'll be visiting CH (July 12 to 18) from Hong Kong and would like to attend Khane while there either on Friday July 16 or Sun July 18 (big majlis?). Please can you advise me Montreaux mukhi sahib's contact information? I can be reached at jazz_karimi [at] yahoo.ca. Thanks & Immat Day mubarak!

Going to be in Zurich - would like to attend JK

YAM. Going to be in Zurich (12 July to 18 July) and would like to attend Khane either on Friday or for big majlis on 18th. Please email me at jazz_karimi@yahoo.ca. Thanks.


i am from Afghanistan i am ismaili now i am in Greece i have not any job i live on the road is there any ismaili people that help me. Greece is very bad place. in greece no one is ismaili. i want to come in Switzerland near to my jamahat i have not any
document to come in Swiss this is my e mail WWW.DINMOHD63 [at] YAHOO.COM
ya ali madad


Hello I am living here in Montreux does any one Knows the proper address of Jamat Khana in Monterux or any contact NO. of Person.

Thank You

Address and Contact Info

I am travelling to switzerland during novroz 2010 does anyone know jamat khanna address and contact info for anyone there
please email me at

only a 10-15 minute walk

only a 10-15 minute walk from the train station.

for Hotel management course at luzern central switzerlant

i am coming in the month of Aug 2010 for my study as above,
can you please furnish me with climatcally jamatkhan over there & ismali family over there i am bombayate from india
i will be really thankfull

ya ali madad

JK in Switzerland

There is a JK in monthreux which is like 20 min train ride from lausanne. Couple of families live in lausanne
email me at ur convienence and will discuss more
akbarjumani [at] hotmail.com

JK in Zurich/Basel

Zurich/Basel JK was officiated on July 11, 2011. We meet once a month - usually last Sunday of the month - in Zurich, or else at private homes either in Zurich or Basel.

jk address in zurich

ya alimadad , i will be travelling to zurich on 17th sept if someone could please give me address for jk in zurich ,thanks

Jamatkhana in Switzerland

Ya Ali Madad
please tell me if we have Jamatkhana in Lugano or northern Italy
search me on facebook
Al-da'wa Al-hadiya Dawud Abbasbhai

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