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Lisbon Jamatkhana, Portugal


TEL: 722 9000

JK in Lisbon is very central. The area is known as Laranjeiras (of course in Lisbon). Just ask the táxi drive to take you to Centro Ismaili in lisbon and if someone says that they do not know where it tell them that is adjacent to Loja do Cidadão in Laranjeiras. Duá time (other tna special festivities) is Always at 7:30 p.m every day of the week.


Dua time and hostels near by

Ya Ali Madad, I am student who is traveling in the azores and I am planning on traveling to lisbon for a few days. I want to visit the darkhanna and I will be traveling by myself and would like to know what time dua is and if there are any hostels near by. I also want to know if there any good places to travel to while I am here.

My email is Karishma.dhanani24 [at] gmail.com, I also have a portugues phone number if you would like to provide me with the information over the phone. 963362728

thank you, and Ya Ali madad

Karishma Dhanani

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Texts for Lisbon Jamatkhana, Portugal

Event - 1996-12-18

Mowlana Hazar Imam attended the foundation ceremony of the first purpose built Jamatkhana in Lisbon.

Texts for Lisbon Jamatkhana, Portugal

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Event - 1996-12-18 News Event1996-12-18

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