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Birmingham Jamatkhana, United Kingdom


Dua time : Mon - Fri 7.30pmsat & Sun 6:30 pm
Daily 4.00am
126 Suffolk Street
West Midlands Birmingham B1 1LX


mukis of past in Birmingham

When Hazart Ali [sas] become Caliph his Brother come to him and Said O! Ali now that you are caliph ,give mea poiton with money from Dasong That the poeple submit as Zacart. Hazart Ali took his sword Zulfar and put it in a bazlar of fire until it was white hot and then took it out put it close to his Brothers face and said to him is this what your are inviting me too . Allahs hell fire is mighter than this Swords heat. HIs went away offaned thinking Hazart Ali sa was greedy and joined Hazart Ali[ asa] enamies, who gave him a big houes and Annual income If he the brother went and denounced Hazart Ali and Bibi Fatima [sa] in Mosques of Mecca and Medine from the pulpit on Friday prayers. My brothers and sistres . You can not chage human natuer People will do anything for the stomach or to drive arround in posh cars

mukis of the past

that which is ment for the house Hazat Ali [as] do, snt reach him but goes to thier associates and relatives instead.

Working to gether removeing the concept of hiporcasyof serving

You have been given a way to work together as one world family in unity.
the light of unity can illumine the whole earth, consort with people of the book with friedliness. The intellect in all learning is the knowlege of Hasrat Ali ( as ). All humans procliam one God there is diviine wisdom in all human affairs leading to the Crown of Hasrat Ali(as) Imam zaman.

Serving the family at Local Jamatkhana is not Service.

seeking titles

The true momin does not vie with others for titles and is not troubled by the imposition of the leaders of the jamet refusal to be foremost in in seeking titles is his treasure when he is detached and distant it s not out pride and self-glory but to protect his treasure/ when he draws near it is out of kindness and mercy for his very being is the imam and house of Hazrat Ali{as}.

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