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Leeds Jamatkhana, United Kingdom


Dua time : Thu & Fri 7.30pm, Sat 7.00pm Sun 6.30pm, Chandraat & Festival Days 7.30pm21 Batley Field Hill
Matley, West Yorkshire, WF17 0BQ


getting to JK

i am at bradford university, what is the quickest way to get to JK through public transport.

way to jamatkhana

yu can take bus to batley bus stop then its only 10 mints walk to jk,, or contact mukhi azad on 07500801900.

10 years

I have moved in this area, Jamak Khana has completed its 10th year of new building , a grand gathering was observed when it completed 10th year. Please correct it Batley , its not Matley. I will send new picture of jamatkhana soon. Dont know which address to post?

Send to

Please correct

Its Batley not matley, please correct with Batley.

new pictures

I have sent 2 latest pictures.

Our early history at Leeds

Ya Ali Madad.

I thought you might be interested in learning about our early days at Leeds- I was a medical student there beginning 1970-we had a few other Ismaili students there that year including Sulli Karmaili(PhD Chemistry), Amin Juma (Accountancy) and Mehboob murji (Engineering), Amin Rajani(Textiles). Beginning October 1970 we met at the residencies of the various students until we formalised arrangements. We used to meet thereafter at the church opposite the Parkinson Library. Our early jamati leadership included Sulli Karmaili,Mehboob Murji,Salma Hassam.We used to have students from Huddersfield join us for special events.After the Ugandan expulsion we had families settled in ┬╗Yorkshire who would come down for friday prayers from York Wetherby etc.Please be in touch if you need any more info about those long gone days!!

Zaheer Lakhani
Edmonton Alberta

Early JK Leeds

Hi Zaheer:

I was at York Uni from 1977-80 and used to attend JK in Leeds. Mukhiani was Nasim and there were students from Bradford and Huddersfield.

I remember Mehboob Bhaloo who is here in Toronto and Alfie who was from Mombasa.

I am looking for Salim and Alnoor Bhanji who lived in York and their father worked at the chocolate factory there. if anyone has their contact. Please email me at fazilet1@gmail.com

Thank you

Correct location of Leeds-Bradford Jamat Khana

Correct adddress for the area is Batley and not Matley.


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