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Paris Palace Jamatkhana, France


55 rue de la Croix Nivert,75015 PARIS,Du'a les vendredi, damedi et grands jours à 19h30, dimanche et jours fériés à 19h.
Tel : 0147833837


paris palace jk relocated

Paris Palace JK has been temporarly relocated.
Please be stay informed before attendance

Chandraat Wednesday in Paris

I will be in Paris on Wednesday and wanted to celebrate Chandraat.
Please can you give me the location of Jamatkhana and the time of 1st Du'A?
I will be staying at Opera.

Many thanks and YAM.
Altaf Kassam

JK addtess

I am from India and will be visiting UNESCO headquarters and would like to know if Palace JK relocation or any other JK is around that area. Would like to attend 13th December. Appreciate your response. Thanks and YAM. aminasachin [at] gmail.com

information about jk


i am going to vist paris from germany its one day trip and i really want to attand jk there can any one please let me know the above mentioned jk is the only jk or are there others as well?
and what are the esiest means ov transportation to get to this jk?
looking for reply

Dua times in September

YAM . I am in Paris , and would like to know the Dua times during the weekdays and weekends
Thank you

dua timings

Ya ali madad, I will be visiting Paris with my family on 26/09/2014 please if any one can give me the address of Jamatkhana and dua timings.



As received De Roissy CDG à

As received

De Roissy CDG à Palace, voici l'itinéraire :

1) RER B Direction Saint Remy Les Chevreuses - Tu t'arrêtes à Chatelet les Halles
2) Ensuite prendre le RER A Direction la Défense - Tu t'arrêtes à Auber
3) Ensuite prendre la ligne 8 Direction Balard - Tu t'arrêtes à Commerce

C'est ensuite à quelques minutes à pied.

Si tu as besoin d'un itinéraire de transport sur Paris, tu pourras aussi utiliser le lien ci -dessous :


zakhoja [at] hotmail.com Lailatul-Qadr date in 2014?

We will be visiting Paris in July and want to know if Lailatul-Qadr is on July 19 or 20 and what is the dua time.

dua time-lail tul qadr

I was told dua time is at 8pm on Lailtul Qadr. and it will be July 19th .

Palace address: 55 Croix-Nivert, 75015 Paris. Metro CAmbrone or Commerce

JK open on Lailtul qadar all night?

We will be in Paris on the 19th of July and where wondering if JK will be open all night for prayers. If someone can please send timing of tasbi. Also we are staying in 1st Arrondisment. Which JK will be near George V Four seasons?
Please reply to my email Afshan7575 [at] aol.com


i am islamuddin from afghanistan i am shia ismaili nizari muslim i want to come to paris but i can not because we are not rich . and also in afghanistan is always war .people fight together and taliban attack to ismaili people
i have five brother and five sister and my father is driver city and all other is jobless
i have wish to study in paris.


hello islamuddin
can i ask you something ..?
1 what are you doing in afghanistan ?
2 where do you live ?
thank you bye

Paris JK

Can we get to Paris JK using Metro? If yes, what's the closest stop and how far to walk from there?

The 67, Rue de Prony JK is

The 67, Rue de Prony JK is near Metro Odeon and Wagram. less then 10 minutes walk.


I am in Paris attending a conference. I want to attend JK. What is closest JK to Hyatt Regency Hotel near Palais Congress? What time is dua? I would also like to go to Aiglemont. What is the best way to get there?

Timing of Dua

ya Ai madad:
I am going to visit Paris on 2 February, could anyone let me know about the timing of dua in Paris?

A Research visit of Paris

I am a PhD scholar, i have to visit paris on 18th dec 2013, i want to find any jamatkhana in paris, 92, Rue saint lazare district, i hope someone will guide me in this regards, my contact number is 008613716141783, and skype is "sher786man"

i am also applying for Paris for January 2014 intact

mol_love143(at)yahoo.co.in just msg me

Chercher un Jamatkhana


Je vais arriver à Paris dans le première Juillet pour un programme d'échange culturel.

Je fait mes recherches dans le sujet des Jamatkhanas et si possible, je voudrais savoir quel Jamatkhana sera plus près pour moi entre Paris Palace et Paris Prony. L’adresse ou je vais habiter est «La résidence des Etudiants de l’Institut Polytechnique Saint Louis, 6 croix petit verte 95014 Cergy-Pontoise cedex, FRANCE».

Est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider avec cette question?

Écrivez sur tehzeeblalani@gmail.com s'il vous plaît.

Merci en avance,


Argenteuil JK

Argenteuil Jamatkhana est le plus proche de Cergy.
Khuda Hafiz

Dua time jk information

Yam I am visiting Paris on business trip from 9th-14th june, i will be staying in Hotel Lorette Opera 36,Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette 75009 Paris..can any one guide me which is nearby JK hw can i reach JK wht r dua timings n when is d chandraat..thanx in advance for reply

retrievement - Message to Paris Jamat.

Dear Sir-Madam,

I am Seema, I am an ismaili from Pakistan and studying in germany, recently i visited Paris for three days and i lost my wallet there , I had some important documentation (visa) inside along with MHI picture. I got a letter from paris police that they found my wallet and i have to retrive it back, i can eithre collect it my self or some one can collect it on my behalf, within three month I am not sure about my visit there and i dnt know any one there, i saw this site and thought may be i can find some ismaili volunteer, who can help me in getting it back I will be highly thankful, I can transfer the money that can incur for this purppose by my credit card,

My email adresss is

seema492003 [at] hotmail.com



your message

I am in Vancouver, canada, right now.

I have a family in Paris if you still wants to contact someone.

His name is Hamza Didaraly , he works with Ismaili council at the Rue de Prony Jamatkhana .

this is his email : hdidaraly [at] franceinstitutions.org

please contact him, he will be able to find someone to help you if he cannot.



Thankyou so much I shall contact him

Kind Regards,


Can we meet

I am a masters student from Pakistan. I am an Ismaili and I was searching for an Ismaili friend in Europe, I live in Italy..... Can we be friends on facebook... or skype

you can contect me. i am in

you can contect me. i am in germany rite now. you can email me "shazobaig[at]gmaildotcom".

I live in Italy too

search me on facebook
Al-da'wa Al-hadiya Dawud Abbasbhai

heures d'ouverture du JK?

Is the jk open for dua or visiting anytime monday or Tuesday.? Visiting from england


Has anybody gotten a tour of Aiglemont?

Need Help

Dear Sir / Madam,

Yaa ali madad,

My name is Alchiya Karim Mansur, and i am ismali , i am living here in Budapest ( Hungary ) Since 2003 and i was working in company as Logistic warehouse Manager , but right now the Company has been Closed , and i don't have job here in Budapest ( Hungary )

Sorry to say very painfully that right now i am jobless and i am looking for any kind of job here in Europe
i don't want to go back to india , bcoz i want to do same thing for my family

Hope you will try to find some way for me , here in Europe , ( Emial- km_alachiya [at] yahoo.com)


Xchange student visit to Paris

YAM. My son is going to be in Paris for Fall semester at Sci Po Uni and we are trying to find accommodation for him. If anyone has a room or apartment to sublet for short term ( 2 weeks) or for his entire stay 4 months please contact me. Or if you know of any reasonable and reputable guest house that too would help. Preferably in area or close access by transit to Sci Po. We have had no luck so far and are very anxious now. He will be in Paris from 21 August to 30 December 2012.

We live in Toronto and my son studies at McGill Uni in Montreal. If interested please get in touch with me ASAP and we can discuss remuneration and other details. ANY HELP IS WELCOME. THANK YOU.

Any Jamat khan in Grenoble France

My son is visiting Grenoble for two. Onths.. Would like to know if their is any ismailies or jamatkhane around

Jamatkhana in Nice france

Is there any Jamatkhana in Nice france or which one is nearby?

Vist to Paris JK

Just returned from Friday evening jamati services at Paris Palace JK. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, also, there were a lot of youth in attendance. This might have been due to the seminar following JK, but nonetheless, the youth and young professionals seemed very engaged and active in seva!

<> We scheduled tourist activities around JK and it worked well. We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower for some sunset pictures (given the time of year). Then walked to JK (took 35 mins at moderate pace). Following JK we returned by foot to the Eiffel Tower for some night shots and stopped for food along the way!
<> From the Eiffel Tower, we took: Avenue de Sufferen, made a right at Av. de la Motte-Picquet (which turns into Rue du Commerce (this street if ped friendly with lots of shops, cafe's and restaurants), then made a left at Rue du Theatre. This street runs directly into JK (ie, t-intersection with Rue de la Croix Nivert and JK is right in front of you!)


We will be in Paris from May 2-5, is it possible to have a tour of the khane?


We are hoping to celebrate Navroz in Paris. Please can you tell us which is the Darkhana Jamatkhana and Dua time plus the nearest metro.

Thank you

Ya Ali madat

I am coming to paris and

I am coming to paris and will be staying in new candide what will be nearest jamat khana


55 rue de la Croix Nivert, 75015 PARIS, Du'a Friday, Saturday and great days at 19.30, Sunday and holidays at 19h.

concernant les jamat khanas a Basse Normandie

Bonjour a tous,
Je voudrais savoir si on a les jamat khanas a Basse normandie.Je suis ici pour 4 mois pour faire un programme d'echange.Je suis un assistant de langue ici,a Basse Normandie et je voudrais visiter les jamat khanas ici en france.Et si je voudrais y aller,quel est le jamat khana pres de la region de basse normandie.Si qqun peut m'aider ca sera mieux....mon adresse mel c est Nadya.Karim@gmail.com.

JK in Paris near by hotel Mercure L adefense 5

I am coming to France and will be staying at the hotel called Mercure Paris La Defense 5, can you tell me which JK is near by?

u can go to Prony during the

u can go to Prony during the week days n on weekends u can go to Paris place..

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