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Paris Argenteuil Jamatkhana, France


13/15 rue Duguay,95100 ARGENTEUIL. Du'a Du lundiau samedi à 19h45, Dimanche et jours fériés à 19h.


Research tour of Paris

I am a PhD scholar, i have to visit paris on 16th dec 2013, i want to find any jamatkhana in paris near 92, Rue saint lazare district, i hope someone will guide me in this regards, my contact number is 008613716141783, and skype is "sher786man"and my email is mesp0804 [at] yahoo.com

Prony Jamat Khana in Paris

There is a Jamat Khana on 67 rue de Prony, Paris.
Sorry I don't have any other information

Thanks Nilufa Jiwani

Thanks Nilufa Jiwani

Yam ! can some body tell me

Yam ! can some body tell me plz when is the best time to visit paris to join our ismalies festivals.

Jamat Khans Info

We are going to be visiting Paris next month from USA. Please advise which Jamat Khana in Paris is the one that used to be the house of Prince Aly Khan?

Also, what is the address and dua time and also what days of the week the Jamat Khana is held there?



can sm1 kindly let me know the nearby jamat khana from champsde elysees paris.

the new address is 43 rue de

the new address is 43 rue de salonique 95100 Argenteuil

if u want to be sure of the

if u want to be sure of the information i gave u,u can ask my father the kamadio azadekassamaly@hotmail.com

sorry it is 45 rue de

sorry it is 45 rue de salonique.and by the way im the kamadias daughter

Address of JK in paris

Can some one please give me the adress of JK in Paris. I am in Nice.

Sajjad Ali


yam... thank for the address i was looking for it.. hope i can make it on navroz...

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