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Melbourne Jamatkhana, Australia


172 rooks rd Vermont 3133


Does anyone know Rosina??


My name is David Spitteler, and I am the Founder/Facilitator of The Asylum Seekesr Centre in Dandenong, where I oversight Tertiary Students on "Placement". Several years ago, I had a student who attended your organisation - Her name was Rosina. Is she still active with you?? If so, could you please put her in touch with me.

David Spitteler
Telephone 9802 5268
Mobile 0409 416 744
Email dspitteler@hotmail.com

hi David, sorry i lost your

hi David, sorry i lost your contacts. life treated me very badly in past years, busy with studies, struggling for applying residency n had some personal business as well... always thought about getting in touch with you but never did it, sorry about that..
now i have your number i tried and contact you today but i was told to call you after 4 pm. hope you are doing well.

Regards, rozina.

Requesting assistance for an Ismaili from India

Ya Ali Madad,

I am from Hyderabad, India and plan on coming to Adelaide in the last week of Feb 2015 as I have been granted my PR. I am looking for accommodation ideally near the jamatkhana. This would be my first visit to Australia and requesting assistance from the Jamat and its council.

Please email me at ashimajamal [at] gmail.com



Ya Ali Madad,

I am from Pakistan. I plan on coming to Melbourne Australia in a month or two. I am looking for accommodation as paying guest perferrably near jamatkhana.

If anyone of you can help please drop me an email at naveedaa[at]msn.com


Dua time

YAM , brother/sister in Melb,,
I am living in Heidelberg Heights. Can any one please tell me the exact time of evening Dua time in J.K Vermont Melb.
Email: ilyas_pp21 [at] yahoo.com

Dua Time

Weekdays it is 7.15 and 6.30 on weekends

want a citizenship in Austrailia

Yam and hello, i am from Pakistan and doing my bachelors in bioinformatics. its about to complete here and i want scholarship that takes me abroad for my further studies in bioinformatics.
Could you please help me regarding that?
if yes let me know on my mailing address i'll be waiting.
sanyahassan81 [at] yahoo.com

dua time

What is dua time I melbourne jk pls

DUA TIME Melbourne

Yaa Ali Madad,

We have 2 different DUA TIMES in Melbourne (please see below). These Dua times are always the same and never changes. One of the main reason for this Dua Time is the convinience to the jamati members. Since Melbourne's jamat is a young jamat and are mainly in the corporate industy (office jobs). Dua times are as follows:

1. Weekdays (Mon- Fri) --> 7:15 PM
2. Weekends (Sat & Sun) --> 6:30 PM

Hope this helps.


Address Melbourne JK

Hi, i am new to melbourne and here for next few days, any contact number for the jk centere?
thanks and yam,

yam. my name is aadil and i

yam. my name is aadil and i lives in melbourne. I come often in jamat khana due to transportation and i want to register myself in jamat. My friend give me the email id of amyn who is responsible for this but the problem is i want to register this online and i cannot send the msg to amyn because its getting failed again and again .If amyn bhai you read this msg please reply me soon and contact me thanks

Calgary, Alberts, Canada

If you haven't solve your situation
Talk to Mukhi Saheb of JK.

prayer and worship

Hi. Mel is my name and I'd like to experience prayer and worship with Ishmailis here in Melbourne. I live in Dandenong, but I'm willing to travel if there are no places near me to get to. I'm also interested in hearing any talks or sermons being held anywhere

I don't know if my first message got through, but I've made another attempt here

asking about your interest in ismaili practices.

Hi Mel,
can you please tell me why you are interested in Ismaili practices. I think you are non-ismaili..right??


interest in Isma'ili way of life

Hi. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you early enough, but no one had responded for a long time. I'm interested in finding out more about Isma'ilis and their outlook on life, scripture, God, practices, etc...and how that had developed from since it's birth

That's right. I'm not Isma'ili. I'm actually a convert to Islam, and performed my shahada in a Sunni mosque. However, I'm not Sunni, and have no interest in being one...and something tells me within that I'm probably more Shi'a than anything. I don't know why, but that's just me. I'm sure the years will reveal what I truly am as a Moslem

I'm interested in joining a worship/prayer group to see what it's like



I have just been granted PR state sponsorship South Australia.I am planning to move this November in Adelaide. Can anybody help me out regarding the place I can have my accommodation.BTW I am Chartered Accountant by profession. My email address is sohailali [at] yahoo.com


Pls can any1 tell me about JK in adelaide

Adelaide Jk contacts?

Please can anyone guide me by giving phone number of mukhi sb of adelaide

Ya Ali Madad

YAM , Iam Ali shah Motani , an international student from Karachi , Pakistan.
I came to Melbourne a month ago and iam looking for a part time job to cover up my expenses and fees, If there is any , Please email me at alishah.motani@hotmail.com.

Kind Regards,
Ali Shah Motani

Coming to Melbourne

Hello Ya Ali Madad,

I am from Karachi, coming to Melbourne on 26th June 2013 .. I am also looking for an accommodation .. can anybody help me .. Please ..

Ya Ali Madad Imran,i

Ya Ali Madad Imran,

i believe you must arrived in Melbourne. Please feel free to contact me on amyn.zariwalla [at] gmail.com. I could help you to get accommodation in Melbourne.



Ya- Ali Madad all ismailies

Ya- Ali Madad all ismailies who are living in Australia..................

khushiali dates

ya ali madad

i will be visiting melbourne from london egland in june/july. i have booked to stay at comfort inn, lygon street, carlton.
can someone please tell me how i can get to jamatkhana and how long it will take. also when is khushiali going to be celebrated in melbourne + time and days for jamatkhana.

Hi Imran,we are celebrating

Hi Imran,

we are celebrating kushyali on 6th of July 2013 on Saturday near Jamat Khana in Mitcham Suburb.

Jamat khana ceremonies perform everyday morning and evening.
Evening dua times are
Mon - Fri 7:15pm
and Sat - Sun 6:30pm
if you need any more info please feel free to contact me on amyn.zariwalla [at] gmail.com


moving to melbourne aus

i need some assistance me and my husband are planning to move to melbourne australia we would like to get some accomoodation as paying guest until we find something we are citizen of australia and are moving from us please can somebody help us or give some advise as to where we can find accommodation we wont to be close to jk

Hi Please contact Akbar


Please contact

Akbar Chandani on +61401307879

or Hussain Bana on +610433562177

Give my reference


melbone jamat khana enquiries

Hy halo ya ali madad ok this is Shabudin Minsariya from hyderabad india ok I like to know I want to melbone jamat khana te no and e mail address and address ok please send me ok I give my email address is madhvajishabudin [at] gmail.com ok thank you

May 17/5/2013 help nedeed

YAA ALI MADAD two all of you,,,,,,,,

i am from Afghanistan. Nationality is hazara shaia Ismila and we are living in karachi citi of pakistan near gardan jamatkhana from 1998 upto 2013 and we are also Afghan refugees so that there are a lot of pakhton are living in karachi they hate hazara names! they force hazara shaia ismaili pleas order on SHARP&UNHCR;of PAKISTAN to register hazara shaia ismaila pleas they only register hazara quita of pakistan .so iam hazara ismaila and i have enemy in Aghanistan they killed my employees i want to save my family and my fathers fimily.plaese accept my message,this is my email address
sharif_alizada [at] yahoo.com my son's photo on my facebook,

and wish to have a good contact with the ismaili muslim in australia .

Help needed from Ismaili' momins in Adelaide

hi i am from Pakistan and needed help from Ismaili momins living in South Australia. I plan to move to Adelaide this December. Could anyone have contact details of council members who could help me for my accommodation when I reach there as I hardly know anyone there. Would appreciate if anyone could help me .

Ismaili Caterer


My family from Canada are coming to visit me in Melbourne and we would like to have a dinner party. Could someone please provide contact details for an Ismaili caterer or restaurant?

Kind regards,


YAM, I am from the United


I am from the United States. I was wondering if I can get any contact information from the council members that are in the medical field. I tried calling the number listed above, but unfortunately could not get through.

Thank you.


Mustafa Momin (ex Mukhi

Mustafa Momin (ex Mukhi Saheb) has moved to US.

Attending Melbourne JK


My mom and I are in Melbourne for the week and were wondering what time Du'a is. Also, we are staying right near University of Melbourne and were wondering if anyone is leaving from here and would be able to give us a ride/know of an easy way via public transport to get to JK.

Thanks! YAM

Imamat Day Khushiali

Could you please let me know if the Mijalas is on Wednesday July 11th or Friday 13th July 2012?
I will appreciate a response soonest. YAM

i want to find people in adelaide

hi.i m from iran.i want to contact with ismailies people in adelaide.are there any ismailies here?i woud like to know about jk in adelaide.if there is pleas send me an e mail ... rezaei_farzaneh@ymail.com

Hey I am from Adelaide, We

Hey I am from Adelaide, We got about 100 Khoja's in here.


planning to move to Adelaide from England in Jan 2014 with my husband and 2 kids- is there a JK there? please email me thanks shazeenv [at] hotmail.com

Help needed

hi i am from Pakistan and needed help from Ismaili momins living in South Australia. I plan to move to Adelaide this December. Could anyone have contact details of council members who could help me for my accommodation when I reach there as I hardly know anyone there. Would appreciate if you could help me. my email address is tasneemthobhani [at] gmail.com

Looking for Kojas in Adelaide

Hello..I am here on a business trip and would like to know if there is are any Ismailis here,


I want to know if the

I want to know if the service for Navroze will be held at vermont the new location or elsewhere


Dear Mr. Momin

My family & I are re-locating to Melbourne this summer, can you possibility advise which is a best suburb to live, newer cleaner and family oriented ( Kids Friendly) as well as not too far from Jk too. Plus any idea on a decent temp accommodation till we get our own place.

I will appreciate it very much

Vislting melburne

i want fo come ausralia melburne as a student with family.is there jk in melburne. i need adress of jk and phone numbeer


can any one confirm how many days jk ceremonies held in Victoria jk?? its every day? & do they have morning ceremonies as well?

Yes, Jk is opening every day

Yes, Jk is opening every day for Morning and Evening Jk cermonies

Visit to JK


My daughter and I are planning to visit Melbourne early November and would like to confirm the JK address:

172 Rooks Rd,
Vermont, 3133

Is the train station called Mitchem Station?

Is JK services held everyday? If so, what time does the evening Du'a start?

Thank you


Visit to JK


My daughter and I are planning to visit Melbourne early November and would like to confirm the JK address:

172 Rooks Rd,
Vermont, 3133

Is the train station called Mitchem Station?

Is JK services held everyday? If so, what time does the evening Du'a start?

Thank you



New JK address is 172 rooks rd Vermont 3133

Nearest - Train Station [Lilydale Line] (few minutes drive from Mitchem station)


looking for a melbourne jamati member - please help

Yam.... I am looking for contact information for someone by the name of Miran Karim who moved to Melborne from Sydney over a yeat ago. Her fianceKs name is Salim Mohamed who lives in Melbourne. If anyone knows either of them could you please get an email address for me so that I can contact them or pass along my email adress so they can contact me. My name is Rozina and my email address is rdamani@hotmail.com. It's quite important and I would really appreciate anyone that can help me out. Thank you

1937 Golden Jubilee of Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah

Does any one knows or have access to the file of Golden Jubilee of Sir Sultan Mohammad Shah, which was celebrated in Bombay in 1937?

I want to read it in details of the whole program.


salim dostmohammad

An a Request

Respected Mukhi saheb
Mustafa Momin
Ya Ali Madad,

I, Islam Shah from Disaster Area, Northern area.Gilglt Pakistan,Hunza. Respected Mukhi Saheb I humbly request to you,
these days I am looking for a job,actually I have been working in Hubco Power Plant,Narowal Pakistan as a Camp Boss for the last eight Months . But now the project is almost going to close and near to handover with the couple of weeks. and as you know Sir, there is very critical situation in Pakistan and everywhere there is no job available. Due to big Disaster in our area as you know better than me my entire family is facing lost of financial crises and my children are not able to continue there studies.

Therefore I requested,please find out any suitable job for me. I can manage what ever i will be and i have some administrative experience as well.

Hop you will not appointed me. I will ever pray for you and your family,long life promotion and prosperity. Hoping to get your quick and positive response.

thanks & Best Regards
Islam shah,Hunzai
Village Mominabad,P,O Karimabad
Tehceel Aliabad,Northern Areas Gilglt,Hunza,Pakistan
Cell no 0343-8908935
islam_shah72@ yahoo mail.com

and Advance 11 July, Salagira Mubarak you and your family.

Contact Adeeb

Ya Ali Madad,

Islam Shah, I hope you and your family are well by the grace of Moula.

I am not sure where are you right now, however one of a Ismaili member from Melbourne, now a days, is in Pakistan, .
Good thing is that, he belongs to Hunza. Unfortunately, I don't have his mobile number, however he might be in Hunza.

Otherwise, his in-laws are in Sultanabad, Karachi. Try to establish contact to him. He will try to guide you and explan ways to come to Australia. His name is Adeeb-ul-Allah.



Dear Amin Bhai, Can I have

Dear Amin Bhai,

Can I have your email address?

Rooks Road


Has the JK at duffy road moved to Rooks road vermont -


Asif - ismaili from Kenya.


Can u plz forward me the new address of melboourne jamat khana..

Melbourne JK current address


Can I please have the current address of Melbourne JK?


I am looking forward to move

I am looking forward to move to Perth. I want to know how big is the jamat? Will I be around ismaili community? I have few more questions to ask if someone (a perth ismaili resident) can give me more information. My email is rdhanan@gmail.com

Want to know Current Mukhee Saheb of Melbourne Jamatkhana

Hi I m Adeel And I belong from Darkhana Jamatkhana Garden Karachi Pakistan Actually I m Coming to melbourne on 18 of Apr 2011 so Please any body tell me who is the current Mukhee Saheb of Mebourne jamatkhana.
Thanks And Regards

Immigration to Australia, currently in Karachi

I am thinking about investing in Australia by the Townshend Homes Group which is based in Melbourne. The plot is in Canterbury Hills in Sunbury but I am not sure whether to invest in the home or not. I would also like to know if it's near any Jamatkhanas. Can somebody guide me to find a location close to Jamtakhana? Please contact me: habib0110@yahoo.com

Regarding investment in Sunbury

Yam Amin,
Hope you are good and find this email at an appropriate time and hope its not too late.

My name is Asif and i am an Aus citizen, orginally hail from Hyderabad, India. Been living here for 8 years now.
Investing in Sunbury which is around 45 km's from Melbourne CBD(downtown) will be a future investment i wud say and the area hasnt been explored alot by investors yet. People are actually beginning to invest there as our city (Melbourne) is getting spreadout due to population growth which inturn has caused high spike in property rates in and around melbourne suburban area . This area is on the western side of the city and unfortunately it is too far away from melb jk which is in eastern subury of Burwood East. Not sure if u are across this but melbourne is gearing up for a new jk (due to increase in jamat, 500 jamat reside now, Mashallah!). This new jk will be in Rooks Rd, Vermont South which is also in Eastern suburb of melbourne and not too far from our existing jk in Burwood.

If i was you, i would think twice before investing in Sunbury. The only good thing about investing in Sunbury wud be the cost which will be much much cheaper compared to the fringe suburbs of melbourne. The most recent median house price for Sunbury is $310,000 and the median unit price is $285,000

Please check out this wiki link,

Hope this email gave you a bit of assistance and helped you in some way.

Do let me know if you have any more enquires.
Take care


YAM, Me and my husband are expanding our project in the Australia area and are looking for a few good people to work on a project. We are located in Chicago, USA. Any young college graduates that are looking to create a side stream of income working on a E-Commerce Project are welcome.

how is your project going on In aust.Asha?

Hi Asha,
I saw your post about going to aust and doing project there. I am also going to melbourne in March hopefully.
So , Please email me where you work and how can i join your team.
I am master level student of Agriculture field.
ilyas_pp21 [at] yahoo.com

I need to know about the immigration

Yam, i am Muhammad From the Northren Areas of Pakistan (GilGIt Hunza) i hve done my masters from Sweden and now i am back to pakistan basically i am an Engineer.

i want to apply for the Engineer's skilled immigration, i read it on internet the respective states are sponsering i.e. south austriala.

as u r an ismaili and a spirptual brother i request to assist me regarding this process..i wish you live a beautiful life..Mola bless u always.

my contact is muhammadamman@gmail.com


Dear Arif
hope u r well there . first of all i would like to introduce myself . my name is khurshid alam taj belong to Chitral and remote are of Pakistan.presently i am student of Master of Public health . before that i worked with Aga khan health service Pakistan in different position i.e ( pharmacy assistant . Pharmacy Incharge) since august 2002. to enhance my knowledge i got admission in university .
the basic aim of my this letter is to get admission in any australian university after completion of this degree. could you plz help me in this regard.

please let me know in my personnal address.

i will b very thankful to you.

khurshid alam

just graduated & visiting Melourne


My name is Asim I am 21 from Toronto, Canada and have just finished graduating from University. I will be landing in Melbourne in the first week of February 2011 and was hoping to get some advice on trying to find work their. My degree is in finance/accounting so I am just trying to gain any experience I can. I am planning to stay in Melbourne for 1-2 years. Please email me at asim_nanji@hotmail.com if you have some time to help.

Please advice me where to seatle in Australia

I am Married ismaili with 2 US citizen kids left US for some reason now In Pakistan applied for immigration to Australia need some moral support and advice from our Ismaili community where to leave and Seattle Please advise me as soon as possible i am worried because i have to bring family with me i am at face book as muradchagani@hotmail.com and same is my email address your kind reply will appreciated and we pray for u Ya ali madad


YAA ALI MADAD 2 all....................... i m from Hyderabad India, i gt a chance to move to australia, i will b dropping at Perth, n than the ppl along with me r planning to move to melbourne, as they feel melbourne is gud place for starters in Australia, Bt i m still confused, wer to stay n start from, can anyone suggest me, wether perth is gud or melbourne for new ppl to survive. I wanna stay wer food acomodation is cheap n earning is gud. i m just 12th pass, cn manage wit any kinda respictive job. I can drive taxi, cut meat or anything like counter jobs in malls n all................. PLZ ppl advice me wer shud i reside in australia. My email add is nicks4yaar@gmail.com. n cell number is 9985891483. REGARDS n YAA ALI MADAD.


I am Salima from pakistan, if any one guide me I am planning to come to August, will its good place to live with family and if any one have council email add plz send me at salimaali78@hotmail.com.

e mail add or phone # required

hi, i been to melbourn long time ago, if any budy pl give me the add or phone no of x mukhi official Mr sherali merchant my e mail add is shamsher madhani@ yahoo. com i will be very thankful

update the Mukhi and Kamadia

update the Mukhi and Kamadia name, they changed


Can you give me the email and phone number of the current Mukhi Sahib?

i think its pretty racist

i think its pretty racist and discriminatory that i am not allowed inside my own husbands church. i am christian.... but everyone is welcome in my own church.

No need to make any

No need to make any restrictions because of religion. The basic logic is if you don't enter the church how can you know and understand more about that religion? Every one have to have right to enter any religious place, to know each other. Then they will decide what us right what's wrong.

i think its pretty racist

I don't think this has to do with racism - once you have been converted to Ismailism you can go to any JK. It's a small ceremony to become an Ismaili. My nephew's wife ( a Lebanese Christian) recently became an Ismaili

well i went to melb

well i went to melb jamatkhana during navroz 2008 and they were very warm people

How many people on average

How many people on average come to the JK on a Friday?

Ismailis in Melbourne

I recently visted Melbourne and went to JK during Navroz 2009 and the Jamat in Melbourne are not welcoming at all.

Visiting Australia

Hello Rozina,

I read your comments. What do you want to say. Can you shed some light on what you said in your post. I am planning to visit Australia and want to settle there with the help of my friend.


Ismailis in Melbourne

Give them time to ajust what is really ment to be a good murid

i am an ismaili muslim from afghanistan now in christmase camp

ya ali madad
i am from baghlan province of afghanistan and seeking asylum seeker in australia and now i am inside the christmase iseland and wish to have a good contact with the ismaili muslim in australia my email address is alighazi53@yahoo.com

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