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Darkhana Jamatkhana Salamia, Syria



Ismailis in Damascus

Does any anyone know if there are Ismailis in Damascus, if so is there a contact?

Contact for Aga Khan Council in Syria?

Can someone post the contact for the Aga Khan Council in Syria?

I am planning to attend the University of Damascus, has anyone attended? If so, any advise or suggestions?


Syria Council

Did u get the address for Syria Council

You don't need contact.

You don't need contact. Everyone in Salamieh knows the place. The Aga Khan Council is at the same place and so is the Mausoleum of Prince Aly Khan. The Jamatkhana is medium sized and opens everyday. Just asks anyone, once you are in Salamieh. There are several Jamatkhanas.


does anyone have any address of jamath khana's in syria?
in Salamiyah for instance.



Texts for Darkhana Jamatkhana Salamia, Syria

Ismaili History 838 - Prince Aly Salomone Khan

Darkhana Jamatkhana Salamia, Syria

Prince Aly Salomone Khan was born at Turin in Italy on June 13, 1911. Because he was a delicate child, his father, the Aga Khan III decided against sending him to experience the rigours of an English boarding school. He was entrusted to the care of a private tutor, Mr. C.M. Waddington, the former Principal of Mayo College for the sons of Princes in India. He finished his education at Lincoln's Inn, London, though he was not called to the bar. He was fluent in a number of European and Oriental languages.

Texts for Darkhana Jamatkhana Salamia, Syria

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