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Nairobi Darkhana Jamatkhana, Kenya



Contact: Alijah Janmohamed Rehmetulla Verjee

Mowlana Hazar Imam, as a young boy, led Idd Namaz here in early 1940's


Need Contact

I am from Dubai and i want to come to Kennya. Please anyone give me contact number

contact details required

Ya ALi Madad,

i am from pakistan and my email. add is almaveen [at] gmail.com. can you plz send me the contact details for Mukhi /Kamdia for Parklands jamatkhana or the contact details for the council. thanks and Ya ALi Madad.

Required Nairobi Darkhana Jamatkhana Address

Kindly email me the all three Jamat Khana, Nairobi addresses and contact name and telephone nos.
I am planning to travel from Karachi - Pakistan - next week. to Nairobi.

My email address is mnizar786@aol.com

Best regards,

Nizar Merchant


Hazar Imam killed the witch, jayalakshmi bala in nairobi from 16th july 2011 to 23rd July 2011. Mubaraki to all those Ismaili brothers and sisters who were able to get the deedar and attend the Darbar in Nairobi last week.. Hearty congratulations to my beloved mowla for killing Ravana's wife. Mubaraki to all ismailis in Nairobi.

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