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Aadam aad nirinjan - Translation B

RUHNI VISAL (47 verses)

In the beginning of the beginning (???-beginning)

There was He that cannot be seen

(In the beginning Adam was the Unseen)

He was without qualities and without form,

Lord You are my origin,

I have been separated from You by form,

Lord this worthless creature is at Your mercy

My Lord be kind to me, I am at Your mercy. ...1

Countless ages have gone by,

And I have been changing form,

And I have been petitioning for ages

That O Lord let us be re-united ...2

Lord in this state of nothingness,

You gave rise to innumerable movements

In the form of the Unseen you played,

You, ancient Yogi, why make me lament,

Lord how long will I stay like this? ...3

In solthar (sixteen layers of cosmological state)

Lord you played and played,

(of that) How can I adequately praise,

From that day I am petitioning,

Lord at least now listen to me! ...4

In the void, You were in the unseen form,

Lord you were contemplating,

Whoever in the gathering (of 'Alastbe Rabe kum)

recognized you,

Him you will make the return. ...5

Throughout Kalpas (long periods of Hindu mythology

going before Yuga)

You have saved,

The undescribable became describable,

Jakh, Mega, Kenar (perfect beings of Hindu mythology,

who from their humble origin achieved union

of the Highest) and like them,

To them you guided and they recognized you. ...6

Age upon age I had been waiting anxiously,

But the Nikah has not taken place,

(You have not married me),

Now I am in the full bloom of youth,

O the Ruler of three worlds keep my honour. ...7

With my filled pots (hail), I have come to You Lord,

Lord take down my hail,

Lest my hail is rejected,

Forgive my sins ...8

Lord cover me with chedo (veil) and protect me,

For I have come with bad deeds,

I am but a powerless and humble creature,

O Ruler, it is your honour (at stake!) ...9

Lord since countless ages I have been hopefully waiting,

O the Ruler of the three worlds, listen!

The bloom of youth has reached me,

Now I will feel embarrassed. ...10

In the four Yougas, countless forms I have changed,

Still my Nikah has not taken place,

Lord please marry (Nikah) me,

Be merciful O Lord of miracles! ...11

O Lord, how long can I stay alone,

The days pass in duhag (engaged girls' separation!)

Change the state of duhag into suhag (married state),

Lord of fourteen heavens keep my honour ...12

Mother, Father, sisters and relatives

None want to keep,

I have come and placed myself at your mercy

Lord my honour depends on You. ...13

O Lord, if my honour is not protected,

Then You will have to bear the loss!

When You have a festive gathering

Then do not humiliate me! ...14

There then, I will cry out for You,

Where O Ruler You will seat the throne,

From the beginning You had been holding my hand,

So how can you abandon me today? ...15

Lord do not look at my misdeeds,

I am but sinful,

Lord cover me only with chedo (veil) and protect me

For I am only an innocent maiden ...16

Lord, the parents gave birth to me,

And trusted me to your mercy,

Now, have the regard of preserving the honour of this trust,

O Saviour! Save me! ...17

O Lord there are countless maidens for You,

Like me, there are millions,

You are the Ineffable and the Unseen,

I am the humble dust ...18

O Lord have the decency of preserving

the honour of having taken my hand!

O ineffable one define the limit of love,

Marry me out of love,

I am only sinful. ...19

Lord my youth has come,

I can't stay alone,

It is shameful to look outside,

O Lord have the Nikah performed. ...20

Lord come with the marriage procession

Do not take very long,

Be merciful and come Lord,

For I am your devoted maid! ...21

Lord with your name I ascend,

and ascend to the chok bazar

(decorating square in which the bride

and bridegroom are seated a short while

during a certain number of nights before

the wedding),

Where souls from countless ages will meet,

And where they will be in limitless number. ...22

Countless souls of ages will meet,

You come as Yourself,

As You come in look around and search,

And come to your humble maid! ...23

Lord having walked and walked, I am very tired,

Oh my Lord now, I cannot walk anymore,

My Lord do not look at my sins

My Lord be kind to me! ...24

Just as a fish without water writhes in agony

So also a maid without her Master!

Lord bring the necessaries for marriage,

Do not take long. ...25

Lord You are perfect, beyond all being

and undescribable form;

How can I adequately praise your brilliancy?

Your countless wives are,

Bright, beautiful and brilliant ...26

Lord these ladies are heavenly,

Great and undescribable in their beauty,

I am but ugly and humble,

Husband keep my honour! ...27

Lord my attention is fixed on you

(It is You who occupy my thought),

How can I capture another,

Lord You return to fulfil that which

You have promised me,

Do not abandon me even for a moment! ...28

Lord You keep my honour,

How can it be entrusted to anybody else,

On Your behalf the coconut has already been sent,

How can I look at any other? ...29

Lord most humbly I petition you,

Listen to my cries,

For the sake of my humility forgive me,

Lord you are the protector of the unprotected! ...30

Lord this weak creature pines for you!

Tears flow incessantly from the eyes,

Lord You have many wives,

Won't you try to understand my agony? ...31

Having pleaded and pleaded,

how much more can I plead?

You are the Immanent Ruler,

Take mercy on me and meet me,

So that my honour is saved. ...32

Lord do not take my sins to your heart,

I am only a weak and humble wife,

I have reached the bloom of youth,

I am an innocent maid ...33

Any clothes and ornaments that may be required,

Lord I will bring them all,

For that Lord whom I am meeting,

I will make myself beautiful ...34

Lord from the beginning of the beginning

I am petitioning, breath upon breath

I contemplate,

In my every vein You are playing,

So that all my sins flee! ...35

With the aid of your name (recitation)

I reach the heaven,

There are so many thieves obstructing my way,

Lord with your name they disappear ...36

The road to heaven is full paid,

But with your name these pains are removed,

Sat-Gur (True Teacher) is the one Lord,

With the secret name He can be recognized ...37

Lord with the aid of your name,

The great ocean gives the way,

Come husband merciful,

I fall at your feet! ...38

Lord sobbing and sighing I am petitionning

My heart is full of longing,

Lord come soon,

My youthful state cannot bear it. ...39

Lord the eyes of Kaljug are all contrary,

They look with evil eye,

Lest I stumble and forget

Then I have to turn all around ...40

My Lord Yogi be merciful to me,

Take me to safety,

Kaljug is full of deceit and falsehood,

So rescue me soon from it. ...41

Parents and all others are happy

In my marriage with You

O Lord come quickly and marry me

Lest You take too long ...42

Lord my youth is matured

To go outside, I feel ashamed,

In the Kaljug there is much ignorance,

In which I may be trapped ...43

Lord set up a chori (boundry of sacredness),

In the midst of the universe marry me,

Take on manifestation and get married to me,

So that I achieve marriage bliss! ...44

Lord my marriage bliss lies with You

The charge of it is with you since countless ages,

The perfect, the imperfect and even those who simply wish,

To all grant salvation! ...45

Whoever indulges in backbiting

He will have to stay away from the Lord!

He will be surrounded by satan (devil)

And will not acquire the true knowledge! ...46

Any discourse without true knowledge,

It shreds the heart

Lord keep me away from such beings,

So that I can be sure of my marriage bliss ...47

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