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Ame Saaheb Saathe Sahel Kidhaa - Translation


Abdal Nabi

I came to be in the company of our Lord on that day when He, my Hazir Imam, the soul of the universe, was seated in the garden. My eternal desires were fulfilled and my heart was delighted with the union with the Lord.


Our Lord did eternal favours upon me and completed (with) everything which was necessary for me. O Master! We have great hope in You for the same favour forever, even though I myself, your humble follower, is full of imperfections.


Our Lord in His utmost kindness, made a gift of grapes to me, as a token of His grace. This gesture made my heart overflow with unceasing joy. Such love has been established with the supreme being Shah Qayam. How could I control the fountain of my unceasing love?


Our Lord fulfilled my desires and extended His Holy hand towards me. Further, He bestowed upon me His blessings and promised His everlasting assurance to me. O my Master! Such a promise of yours is always exerting. You have realized all my spoken and unspoken desires.


Evil elements have constantly been engaged in an attempt to overthrow me from my root. Under such circumstances, You come to my rescue, O my Lord! As the saviour of my existence, come and help in a similar manner, as you have helped previously your believers in the time of their adversity.


In our difficulty, we can see no one except You, O Master! And we rely upon your protection only. We are left out, all alone without your intervention, and therefore, O Lord! Come and act as our protector.


O my Lord! This beggar of your house says that I am dutifully associated with you from a remote period. Abdal Nabi says that our Lord has fulfilled my desires.


Our Lord has completely fulfilled my desires and protected my honour; and thus He has also saved my ancestry from suffering from eternal judgement. He bestowed upon me such dvine assurance in an atmosphere filled with fragrance of flowers, agar and chandan and overflowing with divine light.


Heritage Society Collection

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