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Bhamar Ghufaa Upar Dekhantaa - Translation C


Sayyed Muhammadshah

O brothers! Let (me) know the quality (of bliss) when seeing

(the Divine Light with the inner eyes during meditation)

at the Bhamar Gufa? (You will see) the glowing light glittering and the thing (which is seen) is a Divine Light (indeed).


O believers! Have patience and everything can be achieved through patience alone (because) the fruits are not grown without the season if the gardner waters (the true plant) a hundred times.


O brothers! (You must) know the Shariat by considering it true,

so that Tariqat is sought at once. Enrooting the Haqiqat within the heart, the (way of) Marifat is (finally) achieved.


Sayyed Muhammadshah makes submission: O Lord, please pay

attention (to my submission) that your slave is sinful

and be so kind as to forgive (all the sins).


Heritage Society Collection

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