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Dharam Laadho Laakhenne Fuladde - Translation


ejee dharam laadho laakhenne fuladde
te to raheshe raheshe kettalee vaar - re ho momanbhaai...
ejee vellaa poteene fuladdaa vannas she
tene paho(n)chaaddo jai devan duvaar - re ho momanbhaai...
reekheesar mahaavrat tame aadaryaa
tame kaa(n)i na jaannyo satpa(n)th no bhed
- re ho momanbhaai......1

laakhenne - reputed

The reputable flower (man) has found the Religion. For how long will it last,
O momins. After it's time has passed, this flower will perish and wither away.
So take it to the doorstep of the Lord, O momins. You devotees have
observed great fasts even then you have not understood the essence
of the True Path, O momins.

ejee tu(m)baa jaareere jenee jaajaree
te to kem karee utarashe paar - re ho momanbhaai...
ejee saache tu(m)be muneevar taree gayaa
te to jai potaa devne duvaar - re ho momanbhaai; reekheesar..2

tu(m)baa - gourd plant
jaaree re - restore, burnt
jaajaree - holey, privy room, latrine

If you restore a gourd (climbing plant) in a holey place (where there are
no supports for it to grow around), how will it cross over the limits,
O momins. Like true gourds (around the support of the True Guide)
the believers have sailed across. They have gone and reached the
abode of the Lord, O momins.

ejee kaayam raajo melaavshe kaayaa naa zupaddaa
tenaa uchaallaa bharaavshe tatakaall - re ho momanbhaai......3

zupaddaa - huts, cottages
uchaallaa - household articles
bharaavshe - dumping, gathering
tatakaall - there and there (immediately)

The Everliving will gather all the huts of the bodies (or all the bodily huts),
and He will collect and dump all the household articles.

ejee nadee keenaare je rukhaddaa,
te to raheshe raheshe kettalee vaar - re ho momanbhaai
ejee pavan heechodde ddhallee padde
tenee jaashe mull ne ddaall - re ho momanbhaai...............4

rukhaddaa - trees

For how long will the trees at the river banks last. When the winds
will blow, they will fall down and their roots and branches will go.

ejee sat ne kaaranne raajaa nall ne raannee damaya(n)tee
te to raaj melee chaalyaa van - re ho momanbhaai..
ejee vazeere raajaane bolaaveeyo
e raajaa tame kem chhoddo chho raaj - re ho momanbhaai.......5

nall - water pipe
damaya(n)tee - powerful

For the sake of the truth, the King as resourceful as a water pipe
and the powerful Queen abandoned the kingdom and left for the jungle.
The minister called the King: "O King why did you leave the kingdom?".

ejee vallataa te raajaa em boleeyaa
mare raajsu nahee kaaj - re ho momanbhaai...
ejee raaj tajeene raajaa chaalyaa
jem seetaa ne veechheddee sree raam - re ho momanbhaai.......6

Taking a turn the King thus spoke: "I have nothing to do with the Kingdom".
The King abandoned the kingdom and left as did Sri Raam in the company
of Seetaa. (EXIL)

ejee satne kaaranne raajaa hareecha(n)ddhr
tenne neech ghar bhareeyaa neer - re ho momanbhaai...
ejee satne kaaranne taaraa satee lochanaa
te to vechaannaa jai bhraahamann ne gher - re ho momanbhaai..7

For the sake of truth, King Hareechandhra filled the lower home with water
(sacrificed it). For the sake of truth, the saint Taaraa, the adopted daughter
of Lochanaa, was sold and went to the house of a bhrahmin.

ejee saat varasno ku(n)var roheedaas
te to fuladdaa veennvaa ne jaay - re ho momanbhaai...
ejee veeshvaameetra sarap thaine aavyo
te to dda(n)seeyo ku(n)var roheedaas - re ho momanbhaai......8

The seven year old Prince Rohidaas used to go to select the flowers.
(The devil) Vishvaameetra took the form of a snake
and came and bit the Prince Rohidaas.

ejee satne kaaranne paa(n)che paa(n)ddvaa
te to raaj tajee chaalyaa van vaas - re ho momanbhaai..
ejee satne kaaranne raajaa jujeshtthann
tenaa hemaalle na galleeyaa haadd - re ho momanbhaai.........9

For the sake of truth the five Paandvas abandoned the kingdom
and left for the abode in the jungle. For the sake of truth the
King Jujeshthaan went to die in the Himalaya.

ejee vann vachane korave kull khoyu(n)
tene sat dharam na aaveeyo haath - re ho momanbhaai...
ejee satne kaaranne raajaa karann
tenne deheenaa deedhaa chhe daan - re ho momanbhaai.........10

Without the command (of the Lord), the Korvas lost their family.
They did not attain the True Religion. For the sake of truth King
Karann gave his body as a charity.

ejee vachane peer sadardeen boleeyaa(bodheeyaa)
baar karoddee leedhaa amaraapuree vaas - re ho momanbhaai..
ejee vachane gur peer hasan kabeerdeen boleeyaa
maaraa momanbhaai tame rahejo husheeyaar - re ho momanbhaai.11

Through the command of the lord, Peer Sadardeen
preached. He took along with him twelve crores to the
abode of paradise. Through the command (of the Lord), Peer
Hassan Kabeerdeen speaks: "My momin brothers remain intelligent and alert".

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