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Duniya Seerajeene Shaah More - Translation C

Pir Sadardeen

Having created the earth, my Lord (Shah) hath grown the food. Created hath He air and water. ...1

Tell, O human being, what hast thou come for if served hast thou not the Lord? ...2

Man hath grown greedy of the world. Absorbed in the temptations of the world, he is lost in delusion. ...3

If, thus, thou absorbst thy mind in the world, the brain in the head shall come out through the ears. For seemingly insignificant thing (il), the Lord shall hold inquiry. ...4

With many a hundred rays, the sun shall shine (then) the mother shall not say: This is my son (child) ...5

All the Jamat inquires of the Lord (Pir) of our souls: Of what sort are the houses in Paradise? ...6

Of gold are the bricks and of silver, the pillars of pure musk are the walls. (lit. gara plastering material for the walls) ...7

Such mansions our Lord hath built. Have ye on your credit good deeds. Procure will ye such houses. ...8

Pir Sadardeen says: Listen all ye momins! Earn ye good deeds ye shall get such fruits.

Heritage Society Collection

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