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Feerat Nejaa Ta(n)bal Vajashe - Translation


ejee feerat nejaa ta(m)bal vaajashe chaddeeyaa dev neeranjanaa,

cha(n)ddhr suraj pavan paannee sa(n)g chaale so jannaa.......1

The banners will rise and the musical instruments will sound when the nameless or formless divinity will proclaim himself(or arise). On this occassion the moon, sun, wind and water will come along with you so be informed about it.

ejee tune puchhe surjaade raannee

saa(m)bhallo kaalee(n)gaa daannavaa

maaraa saachaa saameene vadhaavavaa;

haddamat baalaa aavashe..............2

haddamat- beautiful,anxious?

Queen Surajade tells you, listen O evil demons. To welcome my True Lord, a very beautiful virgin will come.

ejee aavashe gorakh nav naathashu(n);

shehestra see(n)gee vaajashe

jal thal maeeyar kareene, ashuranu(n) dall bhaagashe.........3

Gorakh will come to the Master of the nine and will play a thousand

musical sounds. (The Lord) will be manifest in water and dry land (everywhere), the devils army will run away.

ejee taaree cheennab nagareemaa(n) khanna(n)g vaaje,

daeet daannav sab ddare; daeet kaalee(n)gaanaa chhaasatth laakh jodhaa,

saballa jodhaa rann padde..4

In your city of Chinab swords will make sounds and all the demons will fear. The devil's army has a strength of the magnitude of 6.6 million. Such a power will get involved in the battle.

ejee enne maa(n)ddave gaddh chovatte,

maaraa saachaa saameene vadhaavshe;

ansuyaa ku(n)taa maataa ddhropadee,

dholl ma(n)gal gaayshe.....................5

The festive occassion will take place in the fortresses and streets (of the this city) i.e in open. My True Lord will be glorified there. Ansuya Kuntaa and Dhhropadi(the mother and the wife of the five Pandavs respectively), will sing pure songs.

ejee ene kaane ku(n)ddal mugatt shobhe,

teelak tu(n)ddal baa(n)dhashe;

veeshavane varadaan daeene, kayaam ka(n)yaa parannashe.......6

In the ears will be earings which will blend with the crown and the face will be tied with teelak. After granting a boon to the universe, the Everlasting will wed the virgin.

ejee ek aavashe rahemaan baavaa, sat pahoro jaagashe;

sarave janane teddaavee, treebhovar saamee lekhaa maa(n)gashe7

There will come a respected person from the Merciful, he will remain awake in the true quarter of the night. Calling all individuals, the Lord of the three worlds will take account of all deeds.

ejee gur sohodev em aa(n)kheeyaa, aagam vaannee bhaakheeyaa

da(n)ddavat karee devaarakh bolleeyaa,

cha(n)ddhr suraj saakheeyaa...8

The Guide and the Divine Being(Peer Sadardeen) has spoken in this manner and has foretold you about the future. By prostrating himself the divine authority has said. The moon and the sun bear witness to this fact.

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