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Hunre Piyaasee - Translation B

Hun re pyaasi


Sayyed Khan

I am so thirsty of your didar

please fulfil this expectation

I am thirsty and I adore You (I depend on You)

how come You do not worry about me?

This humble adorer has special personal services for You

(and yet) I do not know how will You turn to me?

O my sullenly cross Lord ...1

Please listen to my prayers O my Lord

do not stay incommunicative from your maid-servant

O Lord do grant my wishes

O I am greatly unhappy

If you grant me the wishes of my heart,

O the Beneficient One

I shall be most happy ...2

Like fish without water, how can I live without my Beloved?

I am giving up my life for my Lord (look at the fish)

it is so lonely without water

look how much it does, it wriggles and flounces out of uneasiness

(but) all its wriggling and flouncing do not help

because the fisherman does not take pity ...3

False is the love of the bumblebee

the didar of the Lord cannot be done this way

(the ways of the bumblebee)

false is the love of the bumblebee

it keeps on moving from bud to bud enjoying the nectar

like that the ones ignoble in character

the forgetful (and) blind

do not sacrifice their lives on their Beloved ...4

True is the love of the moth

the didar of the Lord can be done this way

true is the love of the moth

it sacrifices itself with joy and zeal over and over again

(look) how many moths sacrifice themselves over

just a single lamp ...5

I have sacrificed everything for the Beloved One (Lord)

we must offer the best of our possessions

to the Beloved One (Lord)

Please get me out of this ill-fortune

(I beseech) consider my prayers

be kind enough to keep us with You O Lord

please listen to my prayers ...6

The one who is didari will always wish this

(that) he will never leave this Lord to follow anyone else

the one who is a didari will always develop attachment

and will keep increasing in his love (for the Lord)

with everyday that passes

he will always remember the Lord

with full concentration of mind

these are the ones who get the didar of the Lord ...7

Please do not treat your orphan maid servant like this

(by keeping away from her)

If I have shortcomings please overlook them

I am your sinful maid servant

how come You do not worry about me?

I beeseech You to overlook my shortcomings O Lord

please do pay heed to my prayers ...8

We are nothing on our own we are called your maid servants

our Lord admires this (state) when one gets rid of one's ego

Such is the maid servant (of the Lord)

everyday his love for the Lord multiplies

he remembers the Lord with full concentration of mind

this is how one must sacrifice oneself ...9

We must keep ourselves to our Lord single mindedly

and enjoy that state with love

we must keep ourselves to our Lord single mindedly

and increase our love (for Him)

one who is able to sacrifice one's head for (His love)

he is the one who attains the didar of the Beloved One

(the Lord) ...10

There is nothing better than bond of love

do whatever pleases the Lord (for His love)

those who died out of such love for the Lord

such have died well

do good deeds and the Lord will give you salvation ...11

O Lord I am your sinful slave

please consider my worship for You

My Lord consider it to be joyful O friends

with the mercy of the Lord says Sayyed Khan

all our difficulties are vanquished ...12

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