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Imaanee Aa Jug Maa(n)he Janneeye - Translation


***** raag the same as hetesu meelo maaraa munivaro **************

ejee imaanee aa jug maa(n)he jaanneeye, jene bhetteeyaa satgur nur
satgur bhetteeyaa muneevaro, to haradam shaah hajur..........1

Know the real faithful (imaanee) ones in this age as those who have been
embraced by the light of the True Guide. When the True Guide
has embraced the believers, the Lord is present with them upon
every breath (always).

ejee satgur saathee keejee-e, to paratak shaah deekhlaay
satgur bhetteeye muneevaro, to haajar shaahaa nur paay.......2

Make the True Guide as your companion, then he will show you the
manifest Lord (Imaam). Embrace the True Guide believers,
then you will attain the Light of the Lord.

ejee nur neeraakaar jaannajo, te aaj paratak dev kahevaay
tenne aap ichh-chhaaye upaavyaa, bhaai chaud bhavan soy......3

Know the Light (nur) to be formless, which today is called the Manifest
Lord (Imaam). He created out of His own desire, brother, the form and
structure of the fourteen universes.

ejee chaud bhavan chee(n)te karee, ane sarve rachyo tthaatth
paa(n)ch tatvano putalo, saaamee raaje ghaddeeyo ghaatt......4

He thought about the fourteen universes (in the cosmic mind)
and then created all of them in a pompous (glorious) manner.
The Lord, the Master formed many shapes including the idol of
the five essences (sense perceptions) - human body.

ejee saamee raajo sahuno daataar chhe, ane rojee no purann haar
jeenakee jesee keesmat kaheeye, teenku(n) tesaa deve daataar.5

The Lord, the Master is the Provider and is the Beneficient to every being,
and he is the Fulfiller of your livelihood and your basic needs,'rojee'.
Whatever is the form or nature of your luck, will be reflected in
what is provided to you.

ejee aap peechhaanno ne aapanno, ane vellaa veechaaree ne joy
aapannu(n) aap peechhaanntaa, sudh sarup paaiye soy..........6

Know yourselves and about yourselves, and think about the
circumstances around you. By constant self examination,
you will attain the conscious or intellectual form (quality).

ejee shudh budh gur thakee paameeye, ane gure bataavee vaatt
gurnar govee(n)d donu(n) bhetteeye, jo kaasal naa(n)kho kaaddh

You will attain real understanding and intellect through the Guide
and the Guide shows you the Path. You will embrace both the Guide
and the Master (as one entity) and the Lord, if you remove all the dirt (sins).

ejee kaasal kaaddho aapannee, to shaah mukh dekhone soy
jem a(m)bar aakaashmaa(n), bhaai suraj sanmukh hoy...........8

Remove your dirt (sins), then you will see the face of the Lord.
It will be as evident as the sun shining over the skies.

ejee man vash raakhone aapannu(n), ane man jeete sarave jeete
jenne muneevare man vash raakhyaa, gur kahe saachee tenee

Keep your (lower)mind under control, and the one who conquers the
(lower desires of the) mind wins everything. The believer who has
kept his/her mind under control, his/her love (or worship) is to be
considered true as per the teachings of the Guide.

ejee man to mahaa balva(n)t chhe, ane jodh joraavar jaann
man jeete sarave jeet she, bhaai man nee haanno haann.......10

The mind and it's desires are very strong forces, and indeed the
most powerful and offensive (they fuel greed and unwanted desires).
If one conquers the mind, he/she wins everything as the mind
inflicts loses upon loses.

ejee mane bhulaavyaa chaud lokne, chaud lok jeetere man
jenne muneevare man cheet vash raakhyaa, bhaai taaku dhano

When the mind is preoccupied by matters pertaining to the fourteen heavens
(i.e., is engaged in contemplation, reflection and meditation) and therefore
has forsaken the lower mind (nafs), has indeed won the fourteen heavens.
The believer who has brought his/her (lower) mind and consciousness under control,
has acquired abundant wealth (well being).

ejee veekh vaasanaa jaare gale, taare man vash-j thaay
peer sadardeen em bhanne, taare nure nur samaay.............12

When the poison and dirt (sins) are buried, then the mind comes
under control completely. Peer Sadardeen teaches that when that happens,
the light (enlightened soul) merges into light.

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