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Jeere Vaalaa Paat Mandaavine - Translation C

Paat mandaavine

Pir Sadardeen

O dear ones having commenced (the ceremony of ghat paat)

colour your compounds and establish the 'ghat paat' with pleasure. Call closer the four fortunate ladies (the four 'sati', Ansuya, Kunta, Dropadi, Taara Rani)

and welcome with respect our Lord the eternal one.

O dear ones,

How beautiful does our abode look

the appropriate Saint (Hazir Imam) has come

the Lord has graced our abode ...1

O beloved ones by looks He is handsome and a sweet

speaking one too.

Sanctified has become the threshhold of my abode.

When I beheld the true teacher with mine own eyes

How beautiful does our abode look ...2

O dear ones some say (we are) clean (pure) and some say

we are impure (evil)

and some say how are those

Our Lord has manifested himself in full light

May my life be sacrificed for Him

How beautiful does our abode look ...3

O dear ones the ears have heard (Him) and the eyes seen (Him)

I am your servant for all ages

Please do away with my difficulties

O Lord I fall down at your feet with (this) prayer

How beautiful does our abode look ...4

O dear ones seek friendship of the Lord the (true) Teacher

(then only) you will learn the essence of the letters of the Truth (Isme-Azam)

Adore and worship (only) such a Lord

By whom you get your salvation

How beautiful does our abode look ...5

O dear ones this very interesting Ginan is taught

by Pir Sadardeen

O my momin brothers do come to partake of Abbe Safa

Bow down to the Present Imam (Imam of the Time)

Receive Him respectfully, such a Lord the eternal one

How beautiful does our abode look

O Lord the Master of the three worlds

(Swarg-Heaven, Pataak-Neither world,

Mrityu-this terrestrial world)

You are the bestower ...6

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