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Jeere Veeraa Meetthaddu(n) Aa(n)hi Bolo - Translation


jeere veeraa meetthaddu(n) aa(n)hi bolo
viraa namee khamee ho yaar chaalo
mat chhoddee-o sat dharamsu(n) neh hojee yojee....................1

O living brothers! speak sweetly (kindly) here (now), brothers,
live with humility and patience, O friends, and never abandon
love for the True Religion O dear ones.

jeere viraa a(n)tasamaa(n)helo pitaddo
pito kaddhee hoyaar naakho
to saaheb alaa raajeeyo managhannu(n) bhaave hojee yojee.....2

O living brothers! The interior has a bile of poison(hatred,envy); remove this poison, O friends,
then the Imaam....(Lord) will be very happy and will
adore your soul O dear ones.

jeere viraa kaachee hee kaayaa
te(n)jo geerabh na hoyaar keeje
so to aaj kaal dhalee dhalee paddshe deh hojee yojee..............3

O living brothers! the material form is weak and unstable so
do not harbour pride for it, O friends, the body will fall down
and be completely annihilated O dear ones.

jeere viraa mattee hee meettaddee
meettee reeddee bheeddee ho yaar jaaise
eto jaaise ho ka(n)kue varannee hee dehee hojee yojee.............4

O living brothers! this (physical form) is essentially dust and
it will ultimately decay into dust, O friends, this healthy and
good looking body will disappear O dear ones.

jeere viraa jeevddo aakaashee
te(n)jo pee(n)ddheeyo e paiyaar
eto doire ho dinakaa kamal su(n) neh hojee yojee..................5

O living brothers! the soul is of the celestial domain where
as it's form (body) is earthly(made of dust). It is as temporary
and fleeting as the lotus plant in water O dear ones.

jeere viraa moman teje
moman aapaj ho yaar vaare
to avar ho vaarannaa bhaai tuje kaisaa hojee yojee................6

O living brothers! a momin is the one who rejects the ego entirely,
O friends. Of what good is the rejection of other objects to you,
(if you cannot get rid of the ego), O dear ones.
jeere viraa moman teje moman truttee ho yaar sandhe
eto sarge ho jayshe teno jeev ho jee yojee........................7

O living brothers! a momin is the one who repairs (undos)
all the damages (imperfections), O friends.
His soul will indeed go to heavens, O dear ones.

jeere viraa shree satpanthee te(n)jo paddado ho je yaar khole
eto narge ho jayshe teno jeev hojee yojee...........................8

O living brothers! Whoever opens (unveils) the hidden secrets of
a honourable follower of the Right Path, O friend, his/her soul
will go to hell, O dear ones.

jeere viraa nar je peersaade, peer shamsh hoyaar bolyaa
eto jeev dde ho pee(n)ddhadde sagpann kaysaa hojee yojee...9

O living brothers! by the blessings of the Master (Imaam),
Peer Shamsh says O friends, "what kind of relationship is
there between the soul and the body, O dear ones?"

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