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Kaayaa Nee Beddee Aapannaa Satgur - Translation A


ejee kaayaa nee beddee aapannaa sat gursu(n) raakhojee
jatan karee jeev ne taaro
sa(n)saar dariyo - saa-er chhe dariyo
doe tadd bhariyo
deet karannee naa hinnaa te kem karee paar utarsho jee.......1

O momins: Keep the boat of your body under the control of the
True Guide and through your efforts sail your soul across.
The world is like a sea. It is indeed a great sea. It is full to
the brim between the two banks (limits). Those who are deficient
in their good deeds, how will they get across?

ejee chhate hute saaheb jeenu naam na leedhu jee
tenne kalmaa(n)he fogatt feraa khaadhaa - sa(n)saar .........2

O Momins: Inspite of the availability of the Guide, those who have
not taken the name, have indeed wasted their lives and have
inflicted upon themselves futile cycles (of birth and rebirth).

ejee pote na puraa te beejaa ne kem vaare jee
vann sukareete paar kem pocho - sa(n)saar....................3

O momins: If they(the false guides) themselves are not perfect,
how will they guide others. Without good deeds how will you
get across the limits(banks).

ejee paap ne parharo dharam nee laher raakho jee
to hari naa laadd ennee pere lesho jee - sa(n)saar...........4

O momins: Get rid of sins and remain within the limits of
religious discipline. Then in this manner you will obtain
the bounties of the Lord.

ejee hi(n)g naa vorateeyaa, maannek nu mul su jaanne jee
te mo(n) naa meetthaa ne dil naa khaattaa - sa(n)saar........5

O momins: How can those dealers of cheap groceries like 'hing'
know the high value of jewels such as rubies.
They are sweet of tongue and sour of heart.

ejee neer ghattyo ne jaaj chheetvaane laagyo jee
machh galogal vartyaa jee - sa(n)saar........................6

O momins: When the level of water recedes, big ships get stuck
and remain far from the shore. However a fish will move in any
direction in pursuit of a fishing hook. Don't carry a very heavy
burden of material existence but live lightly.

ejee kaljug chhalee-one duniyaa ddubvaa ne laagee jee
vann-j kennee pere karsho jee - sa(n)saar....................7

O momins: When the deception of the present era begins to
overwhelm one's life, the world begins to sink. How will
you run your life then?

ejee vyaaj vadhyo ne gharennaa ghattvaane laagyo jee
vastu vakhaare jaine paddeeu - sa(n)saar ....................8

O momins: The interest began to pile up while the colateral
began to shrink. This resulted in all purchased goods being
returned to the control of the warehouse.

This verse reiterates the theme of the previous verse about
excessive commitment to the material world.

ejee bhanne peer sadardeen khottaa parle hoi jaase jee
te bhamase rannorann rotaa - sa(n)saar.......................9

O Momins: Peer Sadardeen teaches that the false ones will be
led astray and will wander aimlessly crying with great regrets.

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