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Paths 022 to 032 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: shetaan tene lopashe
je jeev begeenaanee thaay
te jaannee bujee chhaa(n)do raakhashe
tene mue moksh na thaay re......................22

The True Guide says: The devil will deceive that person who remains without Divine knowledge. Inspite of understanding and knowing, this person will conceal and ridicule it(knowledge), and therefore will never find salvation even upon death.

satgur kahere: chha(n)de neh na raakhee-e
ane chha(n)de moksh na thaay
satgur sarevo saachsu(n)
to paap najeek na thaay re......................23

The True Guide says: Do not conceal love and devotion while knowing and understanding about it. Salvation cannot be obtained through this kind of smear and concealment. Serve and devote yourself to the True Guide, then the sins will not approach you.

satgur kahere: paap to jugmaa(n)he atee ghannu
ane sahu sa(n)saar luttaa-e
satee jan jutth na bolee-e
jo sahastra maarannhaaraa thaay re..............24

The True Guide says: Sins prevail in the world in great numbers and the entire world is engaged in plunder. The saintly person must not lie even if confronted by a thousand attackers.

satgur kahere: jeesmaa(n)he nur pragatteeyaa
tenee aa(n)kho huioo hajaar(anant)
tene laakh a(n)dhaaraa aavee vase
toe na mele satnu(n) tthaar re..................25

The True Guide says: In whose being Light has manifested, this person will have a thousand(unlimited) eyes (the vision is limitless). A hundred thousand dark and unenlightened will come and stay with him/her, even then he will not abondon the coolness and peace that is derived from the practise of truth.

satgur kahere: geenaan veechaaree je chaaleeyaa
te duneeyaathee raheshe dur
sa(n)saar saagar to mahaa dukh he
ane satgur beejo ma jaann re....................26

The True Guide says: Whoever lives by reflecting upon the Divine knowledge(geenaans), will keep aloof from the world. The ocean of the world(worldly life) is a great tribulation. And do not regard anyone else(other than the Imam of the time or the one appointed by Him) as the True Guide.

satgur kahere: tirath naahee-e
travennee jyaa niranjan he hajur
te paap chhoddaave jug chaar naa
jo man maa(n)he na aanno mott re................27

The True Guide says: Bath yourselves at the site of pilgrimage, which is the region joining the Ingla, Pingla and Sukhmna channels where the unknowable(Lord) is present. He pardons the accumulated sins of the four eras, if one does not keep pride in oneself.

satgur kahere: gur nar donu ek he
te vase chhe meelaachh maa(n)he
tene sarevjo radehasu
ane man maa(n)he na laavjo khott re.............28

The True Guide says: The Peer and the Imam are one(they are from the same Light) and He resides at a country where the majority of the population is Muslim(at the time of Sri Islam Shah) OR where the majority of the people are meat eaters or are evil minded. Serve and worship Him from the depths of your heart, and do not bring falsehood in your hearts(minds).

satgur kahere: jyaa nur pragatt padhaaryaa
tyaa daityanu bahu jor
tyaa jutthu boleene jeev chheddaavshe
bhaai tenu daitya chhe naam re.................29

The True Guide says: At the (physical) place where the Light is manifestly present in this world, the power of the demon is great. By cheating and lying, it will misguide the souls. Brother, it is called the demon.

satgur kahere: pata(n)g ek teel tol he
ane vanaspatee bhaar addhaar
te ek teel pata(n)g jalaavshe
to jal bal jaa-e bhaar addhaar re...............30

The True Guide says: The weight of a moth is equivalent to one grain of simsim, and that of a vegetable is eighteen weights. The moth which resembles a grain of simsim will afflict and burn. As a result the vegetable of eighteen weights will be drowned and burnt(destroyed).

satgur kahere: kayaa maa(n)he addhaar bhaar vanaspatee chhe
ane laage ana(n)t khelnu(n) fal
kaal krodh jutth kare aatmaa(n)
te pata(n)g jeeu(n) jalaave saar re...............31

The True Guide says: In the gross physical form (body) there are eighteen weights of vegetable, and they have the potential of reaping the fruits of unlimited mysteries. If one engages the soul in dirt, anger and falsehood, than like a moth they(evil tendencies) will burn and afflict the entire vegetable(body).

satgur kahere: jees mukhthee haree naam japee-e
tees mukh varase nur
tees mukhthee jo jutth bolee-e
to satpanth thaie dur re........................32

The True Guide says: The mouth by which you recite the Holy name of the Lord is the mouth which pours out Light. If from the same mouth one speaks falsehood, than the True Path will become remote.

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