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Paths 033 to 043 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: satpa(n)thee thai ne je meelaachhaa maa(n)he malshe
tenu Imaan ochhu(n) thaa she
te to chaar jug maa(n)he bhuleeyaa
pachhee aakhar narage jaae re...................33

The True Guide says: If a person having become the follower of the Right Path, goes and meets at the abode of the evil minded or meat eaters, his/her faith will decrease. This person will have gotten lost in the four eras and afterwards in the hereafter he/she will go to hell.

satgur kahere: feraa hataa te faree rahyaa
ane e chhe satgur nee saakh
have Imaan jo tame ddolaavsho
to evo avataar faree nahee thaay re.............34

The True Guide says: The cycles(of rebirth) of the past have ended and that is due to the link with the True Guide. Now if you shaken your faith such an opportunity will not recur.

satgur kahere: chhelee neeshaanee-e kahu
ane terso sadeeno dor
have chetannhaaraa tame chetajo
em boleeyaa satgur shamsh peer re...............35

The True Guide says: I speak of the last sign(banner) and the period is of thirteen centuries. Now the heedful be vigilant so speaks the True Guide Peer Shamsh.

satgur kahere: chhelee sa(n)dh aaveeyaa
aaveeyaa gat maa(n)he jaann
have gat maa(n)he je nav cheteeyaa
te narage paddashe nirvaann.....................36

The True Guide says: The final solution has arrived and it has arrived in the gat(JamatKhana). Now from the context of Jamatkhana if ones have not taken the necessary admonitions, they will fall into hell for certain.

satgur kahere: gatmaa(n)he sarave vaapeeyaa
vaapeeyaa dev naaraayann
jenne jaannee gatmaa(n)he jutthu boleeyaa
tene nahee malle gur nar jaann re...............37

The True Guide says: In Jamatkhana everything (worthwhile) is found and the Lord himself is present therein. The ones who knowingly speak falsehood in it, know that they will not attain the Shah-Peer.

satgur kahere: vellaa aavee jam tannee
temaa(n) koinu(n) na chaale jor
aa jam ne joine je chaalshe
tenne jot ditthee chhe aae re..................38

The True Guide says: The time of judgement has arrrived. In it no one's power will work. Who ever conducts himself recognising this judgement, has indeed seen the Light.

satgur kahere: jam ne joi ne je chaalshe
tenne jot deethhee sahee saar
te to jot chhe deen nee
tene duniyaa na jaanne koi re...................39

The True Guide says: Whoever conducts himself by recognising the time of judgement, has in truth seen the Light perfectly. This is indeed the Light of religion which no one in the world recognises.

satgur kahere: duniyaa to saghallee pata(n)g tol he
ane vase chhe addhaar bhaar maa(n)he
te pata(n)g jees ghatt vaapeeyaa
bhaai taasu(n) preet ma raakh re................40

The True Guide says: Each and every action of the world is worth(in significance) a moth in weight, and they exist in the eighteen weights(human bodies). In whoever's being this moth exists, brother do not have any affection for him/her.

satgur kahere: aa(n)che valage-aa pata(n)gee-aa nahee
te jot dekhee naasee jaa-e
tenne jotno bhed nav jaanneeyo
te aape ballee ballee jaay re...................41

The True Guide says: Those that have clung to the flame are not moths, who are totally absorbed and annhilated upon seing the flame. They have not understood the essence of the Light and eventually burn away to annhilation.

satgur kahere: sarve duneeyaa jot nav dekhe
ane jot dekhee nasee jaay
te jot no bhed jo bahaar kaaddhee -e
to duneeyaa maa(n)he ghelo kahevaay re..........42

The True Guide says: All the people in the world do not see the Light, and if they see the Light they get annhilated. If an enlightened person reveals the secrets of the Light to the outside people, then he/she would be regarded as a fool.

satgur kahere: duniyaa sareekho chaalee-e
to duniyaano maannas kahevaay re
pachhe saragto karame male
ane duniyaa sareekho thaay re...................43

The True Guide says: If you conduct yourselves outwardly as worldy people, then you will be regarded as worldly people. Then the heaven will only be obtained in the rare event of fate and you will be like the worldly people.

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