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Paths 055 to 065 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jees ghatt nee(n)daa vaaparee
ane vaaparee ajaannee vaat
tees ghatt setaan vaapareeyaa
te adhuraa deelnaa kahevaay re..................55

The True Guide says: In whose being evil thoughts and backbiting of others prevail, and who talks about unkown matters, in such a being the devil resides and is known as a person of a partial heart.

satgur kahere: jees ghatt ochho vaaparyo
ane nahee tyaa utam vaat
tees ghatt dall ulatteeyaa
te dall daannavnaa neervaann re.................56

The True Guide says: In whose being thought or talk of insignificant matters prevail and there is no talk of exalted matters, in such a being the force has outplaced( the truth). And it is the force of the demon for certain.

satgur kahere: dall daaddvaa nu(n) jyaa ulatte
tyaa sat na suje lagaar
te gat maa(n)he aaveene besase
pann nee(n)daa shu(n) raakhshe vehevaar re......57

The True Guide says: Where the evil forces are prevalent, the truth is not aspired at all. Such a person will come and sit in Jamatkhana, but will still maintain the relationship with backbiting and slander.

satgur kahere: paapee to ghannu(n) jeevshe
tene amaaree chhe aasheesh
teno koi jeev nahee chhoddaavshe
te paddshe narag duvaar re......................58

The True Guide says: The sinful will live longer, even then they have our blessings. Nobody will free the souls of such and they will ultimately fall into hell.

satgur kahere: jees ghatt nee(n)daa vaaparee
tees ghatt shetaan prakaash
te eb kaaddhe sahu tannaa
tene bekolee sahee jaann re.....................59

The True Guide says: In whose being backbiting and slander prevail, in it the devil shines. This person brings out the faults of everybody. Indeed such a person is the violator of words.

satgur kahere: sansaar naago ne deen suno
te maa(n)he je eb ddhaa(n)ke jaann
satpanthee tenu(n) naam kahee-e
jo keno eb na kaaddhe bahaar re.................60

The True Guide says: The world is naked and the religion is deserted. Know the one who covers the errors of others. The follower of the True Path is he or she who does not reveal the errors of others.

satgur kahere: dharam nee vaannee-e chaaljo
ane dharam no chhano karjo neh
je dharamne paare te satpa(n)thee
bhaai satpa(n)thee tenu naam re.................61

The True Guide says: Conduct yourselves according to the speech(words,guidance) of religion and perform religious devotion in silence. Whoever observes religion is the follower of the True Path. Brother, this person is indeed called the follower of the True Path.

satgur kahere: jyaa nee(n)daa thaae duniyaa tannee
tyaa nahee amaaro tthaam
tyaa besee je koi sambhale
te jaanno setaan no kaam re.....................62

The True Guide says: Where the slanderous talk of the world takes place, there our abode is not present. Whoever sits there and listens to such talk, is indeed working on behalf of the devil.

satgur kahere: nindaa-e raavann maareeyo
ane maareeyo korav duryodhan raay
nee(n)daa-e ga(n)geeo bheekham gayo
ane gai hemaava(n)tee naar re...................63

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting and slander Raavan killed and harrassed many and the king of Korwas, Duryodhan killed and harassed many. Due to backbiting the wise man of Korwas became a begger and lost his wife Hemaava(n)tee. All the characters mentioned above were pious and had attained the favours of the Lord. However because of backbiting they lost their exalted status resulting in their killing and harassment of many devoted souls

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e sankho maareeyo
ane nee(n)daa-e harnnaka(n)s jaay
nee(n)daa-e treesha(n)ku gayo
jenu kull Hareechanddhr kahevaay re.............64

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting the Devil Sankhasur killed many and due to backbiting Harnakans left the exalted status. Due to backbiting, Treeshanku went away, whose progeny was Hareechanddhr.

satgur kahere: nee(n)daa-e paa(n)ch ne bolleeyaa
vallee prahalaadanaa kull kahevaay
te dharam kartaa ektthaa
te nee(n)daathee avagateeyaa thaay re...........65

The True Guide says: Due to backbiting, the five (Paandwas) were dethroned by the Korvas and their progeny is Prahalaadanaa. They were observing religion with oneness of mind but due to backbiting they wavered and got astray(for a while).

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