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Paths 088 to 098 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: jyaare evee paa(n)ch hatyaa satpa(n)thee maa(n)he thaashe
taare ame te chhupee jaae
jo gat bhellaa mallee paap utaarshe
bhaai toe paap na jaay re.......................88

The True Guide says: When such evil five killers of soul(vices) encroach upon the follower of the True Path, at that time we become hidden from him. Even if the person gathers with the jamaat to reduce the sins, they will not be pardoned.

satgur kahere: jyaare paa(n)ch hatyaa evee vaapre
taare nar te neeraakaar thaa-e
te gat mallee besashe
te karshe adharam anyaay re.....................89

The True Guide says: When the evil five vices prevail as such, at that time the Imaam becomes formless and unknown(to such a person). Such a person will come and sit in the jamaat, and will perform irreligious injustice.

satgur kahere: te pote paap na utarshe
ane je gat kare te saar
kalas gur bhrahmaajee aape jot maa(n)he raakhshe
aape karashe raaj duaar re......................90

The True Guide says: The sins will not be reduced by themselves and whatever the gat(congregation) does is essential. By giving you a cupful(of abesafa) the Guide, the Creator keeps you in His Light, and He will grant you a (spiritual) kingdom.

satgur kahere: hakeekatee geenaanee satpa(n)thee
teno sadaa-e saach shu vevaar
te nee(n)daa juttha shu allago raheshe
ane durthee raakhshe imaan......................91

The True Guide says: The actual knower of Divine knowledge is the one who follows the True Path. He/She is forever in connection with the Truth, and will keep away from falsehood,backbiting and slander, and will maintain faith from a distance(physically from the Imaam).

satgur kahere: nar to aage devtaa
ane tenee sarave jot-j jaann
tenu ghattee maa(n)he rup chhe koddaamannu
bhaai te shu raakho imaan re....................92

The True Guide says: Before the Imaam are the spirits and angels and to Him belongs all the Light. He has a very good looking physical body. Brother, maintain faith in Him.

satgur kahere: imaan raakhsho to chhuttsho
ane gur kahe chhe pukaar
saachee dasho(n)d-j aaljo
ane deelksha(durthee) laagjo paay re............93

The True Guide says: If you maintain faith then you will be free and the Guide cries out to you. Submit the genuine tithe and bow to the feet of the Imaam from a distance(don't go too close to Him).

satgur kahere: kol dasho(n)d no aaleeyo
ane te maataano geerbhaavaas maa(n)he jaann
tem nee(n)daa no kol pann aaleeyo
je nahee karavee kenee vaat re..................94

The True Guide says: You gave a promise to submit the tithe and it was during the pregnancy of your mother(before your birth). In the same manner you gave a promise of not backbiting and slandering and not talking about anyone.

satgur kahere: dasho(n)d aalo tame saach shu
te narne hajur-j jaann
te patto leedho savaa laakhno
te leedho tta(n)kashaall no jaann re............95

The True Guide says: Submit the tithe in a truthful manner and do it in the presence of the Imaam(or His representatives in Jamatkhana) only. You have obtained an agreement of 125000 by submitting the tithe and it is that of mint(hard bound and permanent).

satgur kahere: savaa laakh tyaa paamsho
ane jevaa(n) deedhaa hashe daan
jyaa nahee mallshe anpaannee ek teel
tyaa lesho dasho(n)d daan naa fall re...........96

The True Guide says: You will get 125,000(times the tithe amount) there and in accordance with the manner in which you submitted it. Where you will not get even a single grain of simsim seed's worth of food and water. It is there you will receive the fruits of the charity of the tithe.(Perhaps alluding to the fact that the benefits are non material)

satgur kahere: satpanthee tame rejo satshu
ane tame aalyaa kol teno karjo vichaar
te chhaapo leedho traa(n)baa paattno
te kabee na khotto thaay re.....................97

The True Guide says: The followers of truth remain in truth and think about the promise given by you. It is like a stamp of a low oblong block with short props. It will never be false.

satgur kahere: evo dharam kem haaree-e
ane duniyaane laaje-j jaann
te laaj raakho chho sansaarnee
ane raakho chho nee(n)daasu neh re..............98

The True Guide says: Why do you lose such a religion, entirely at the credit of the world. You keep maintaining the credit of the world and you enjoy backbiting and slandering.

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