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Paths 110 to 120 of Saloko Motto

satgur kahere: gat saghallee maa(n) shaah peer vase
ane gat maa(n)he jot-j jaann
te jot prakaash kaa(n)ik raakhsho
to tamaaraa jeevnee raheshe sharam re..........110

The True Guide says: In the entire congregation(Jamatkhana) the Imaam and the Peer are present. And the congregation, is entirely filled with Light. If you retain some of the lustre of the Light, then modesty and shame will prevail in your lives.

satgur kahere: dharam daan gur mukh aaleeye
ane deeje dasho(n)d nu daan
gurgat hajur jo aalee-e
to saaheb pure man nee aash re.................111

The True Guide says: Submit religious charity in the presence of the Guide and submit it in the form of tithe. If you submit it in the presence of the Guide in the congregation, then the Lord will fulfil all the wishes of the heart(mind).

satgur kahere: japtap utam tthaam nu
te ekaa(n)te besee keejee-e kaam
pann jo nee(n)daa karsho paarkee
to vannsashe dharam naa kaam...................112

The True Guide says: Meditation, worship and abstinence (from evil) are the practises of the exalted abode(Jamat Khana). Therein sit with oneness of mind and perform the (exalted) work. But if you engage yourselves in backbiting and slandering others, then all the (benefits of )religious work will perish.

satgur kahere: satno kol nav aalee-e
ane sat karann pote lu(n)ttaa-e
te pinddh surat-j laavee-e
ane surate te satkol paar re...................113

The True Guide says: Do not reveal to others the promise made about the truth and for the sake of truth plunder your (lower) self or transmute the lower energies for higher purposes. Focus your body entirely on awareness or consciousness of the Divine, and through that consciousness, fulfil your promise(made in the womb).

satgur kahere: shuraa jem rannmaa(n)he ladde
ane sheer kapaavaa jaay
te paachhu pagalu nav dhare
te sanmukh chaalyo jaay re.....................114

The True Guide says: As the brave one who fights on the battlefield and goes to have his head slaughtered, who does not set his feet in the reverse direction, and passes away having confronted the enemy face to face.

satgur kahere: ebh par deedhe e kaam chhe
ane duniyaamaa(n)he kathannee thaay
te jyaa tame beso het shu
tyaa bhaav na raakhe koi-e.....................115

The True Guide says: This is the work of the one who attributes an error falsely to someone else, which eventually becomes a narrative in the world. And even if you sit with love there, no one has any feelings(as a result of false accusation).

satgur kahere: te be bhaave kem rahee-e
ane preet potaanee raakh
evaa bhaav shu koi saacho male
bhaai tene kol-j aap re........................116

The True Guide says: How can one live with split feelings and keep love for himself. How can one attain the truth with such feelings. brother, he gives you promises only(without the intent to fulfil them).

satgur kahere: be bhaave je koi rahe
te upar bhaav na rakhe koi
te jene kaaje ame aaveeyaa
bhaai taa(n)su bhaav-j raakh re................117

The True Guide says: Whoever lives with split feelings, no one has any feelings for such a person. Those for whom we have come to fulfil their deeds, brother, keep only love for such persons.

satgur kahere: ame aavee jene mallee-e
tenee koi aagall na karvee vaat
jo a(n)tarno bhed kene aapsho
to reesaamannu amaaru thaay re.................118

The True Guide says: Those whom we come and meet(embrace), do not talk about them afterwards. If you reveal the mysteries of the inside, then our wrath(curse) will befall you.

satgur kahere: reesaamannu amatannu doelu(n)
te doelu(n) ghannaa(n) ghannu jaann
vallee ubhaa thai jo tap karasho
bhaai toy na mallashu jaann re.................119

The True Guide says: Our wrath(curse) is very difficult(to bear), and know it as very very difficult. Even if you repent while standing, brother, we will not be available to you.

satgur kahere: mallee paa(n)ch saat thaine besasho
ane motteraa thai bes-sho jaann
tyaa amane ma jaannjo
jyaa nee(n)daa thaay neervaann re..............120

The True Guide says: You will gather in groups of fives and sevens, and you will sit with greatness(pride). Do not consider us to be present where backbiting and slander prevail for certain.

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